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Directions To Crested Butte

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The Gunnison Valley is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled rural areas in Colorado. However, this also means it’s a bit out of the way. We think the trade-off is worth it, but make sure you are prepared to get here. The drive through the mountains is nothing short of extraordinary. Drive time from Denver is 4 hours, and just under 4 hours from Colorado Springs.

Distance from major centers:

  • 30 miles/48 km north of Gunnison
  • 230 miles/368 km southwest of Denver
  • 90 miles/114 km northeast of Montrose
  • 197 miles/315 km west of Colorado Springs

Mountain Express operates a free shuttle between Mt. Crested Butte and Crested Butte. During the winter, the Condo Loop and Outer Condo Loops connect the Mt. Crested Butte Town Center to local condominiums.

In true local character, every bus was painted by a different local artist—so many it’s hard to pick a favorite. Maybe the Aspen bus. Or the cow bus with the tail hanging off the back. Or the new Mountain Bike bus. We dare you to pick a favorite!

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The easiest way to get to Crested Butte is via Gunnison/Crested Butte Airport (GUC), located just 30 minutes from Crested Butte. The airport is serviced by both American Airlines and United Airlines. Direct flights to Gunnison-Crested Butte (GUC) are available from Denver International Airport (DEN), Houston (IAH) and Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).

Luggage and Ski Shipping Service
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Take advantage of the shuttle services offering a short and scenic 30-minute ride from Gunnison to Crested Butte. Once in town, you are able to take advantage of Crested Butte’s local and free bus system, The Mountain Express.

Alpine Express

Dolly's Mountain Shuttle


Surround yourself with the wilderness of Crested Butte. With lodging flexibility all winter long, we’ve made sure your plans are easy to adjust or cancel if they change.

Purple sunrise over Lodge at Mountaineer Square