Terrain Parks

Crested Butte's terrain parks provide skiers with a different fun factor than they could find on natural terrain.
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Park Safety Information

While enjoying the freestyle terrain that Crested Butte has to offer, safety is the utmost priority. We encourage all guests exploring the terrain parks to: 

Start Small. Work your way up. Build your skills.

Make a Plan every feature. Every time.

Always Look before you drop.

Respect the features and other users.

Take it Easy. Know your limits. Land on your feet.

To keep the park environment safe, Crested Butte Mountain Resort marks all Freestyle Terrain with orange oval signs. When entering this terrain, know your limits. Follow any instructions that resort employees give regarding closures and hazards. Take a look at the trail map to become familiar with the locations of Freestyle Terrain. Take the time to educate yourself on PARK SMART, and tell your friends about it. Following these safety guidelines will set you up for success in the Park.

Visit the National Ski Areas Association Park Smart Website to learn more about terrain park safety.