10 Amazing Snowshoe Hikes in Crested Butte

Crested Butte is one of Colorado's top snowshoeing destinations. Check out these 10 great trails for snowshoe hiking in Crested Butte.

Posted on February 3, 2024

Couple snowshoeing in Beaver Creek, CO
The rugged terrain surrounding Crested Butte is renowned for attracting bold skiers and snowboarders who want to try something new or challenging. But, you shouldn't count out slower winter activities in the area though. Snowshoeing is also extremely popular, and Gunnison County boasts dozens of well-groomed trails designed for it. When it's time to take a break from the slopes, you'll find rentals and trails just minutes away from the resort.   

Enjoy a Day Out Snowshoeing in the Wider Crested Butte Community 

When it's time to slow down from the adrenaline-filled skiing and snowboarding and take in the scenery, try checking out the local snowshoeing scene. The community surrounding Crested Butte boasts some of the best trails in Colorado, and you can hire snowshoes at a variety of locations, including from Crested Butte Nordic Center, which is also home to some of the best snowshoe trials in Gunnison County.  Why not check out some of the trails below on your next visit to Crested Butte?  

Red Lady Loop 

Situated at the beginning of the West Side Trails at Crested Butte Nordic Center, Red Lady Loop is the primary entry point for this trail system. It has three trailheads and is a 3.2k round-trip loop. Red Lady offers a combination of challenging and chill hill terrain that crosses through meadows and into the aspen grove above the town. It's a great choice for new snowshoers who've been out a few times and are ready to tackle a new challenge. You can use this trail in either direction. 

Pooch's Paradise 

Are you bringing a snow-loving dog on your Crested Butte adventure? Why not take your furry friend snowshoeing on Pooch's Paradise trail? Located in the Nordic Center trail system, it's the longest dog-friendly trail in the area. This 3k loop wraps around Peanut Lake, where you'll enjoy beautiful mountain views. Just remember your dog needs a special pass to hit these trails too. 

Magic Meadows 

Located near Red Lady Loop and Pooch's Paradise in the Nordic Center, Magic Meadows is a must-hit trail if you're hoping to see wildlife. In the winter, the Magic Meadows trails is a quiet retreat where you can see foxes, hares, and other small critters in the morning. 

You can also stop at a backcountry yurt along the way or sign up in advance for an unforgettable rustic yurt dinner experience. Brings snacks and drinks to enjoy when you reach the small yurt. You can turn back from there or keep going for a longer adventure. 

Town Ranch 

Situated in the Nordic Center's East Side Trails area, Town Ranch is a flat, easy-to-follow loop perfect for trying out snowshoes for the first time or enjoying a low-key stroll. You'll likely see other snowshoers, Nordic skiers, and fat bike riders along this popular route. This is a great trail to hit if you want to check out the town of Crested Butte after an easy snowshoe hike as it sits on the edge of town. Dogs are welcome on this mellow 3k loop. 

The Maze 

Don't be fooled by its tricky name: This 1.6k loop is perfect for beginners who are still getting the hang of snowshoeing. You'll find plenty of afternoon sun on this trail, making it the perfect pick for an adventure later in the day. The Maze is made up of small loops that are favored for training. However, if you're an experienced snowshoer, don't count this trail out. It's a great way to warm up before a longer trek at the Crested Butte Nordic Center trail system. 

Washington Gulch Trail 

A 10-minute drive from downtown Crested Butte, Washington Gulch is a family and pet-friendly US Forest Service Road that offers a moderately easy meadow trek. You'll enjoy views of Gothic, Crested Butte, and Whetstone as you make your way through the snow. Trail guides recommend turning around and heading back at the 2.5-mile point, as the terrain beyond it can be steep and difficult to navigate.   

Slate River 

The Slate River valley is one of the most beautiful locations in the greater Crested Butte area. This US Forest Service Road offers amazing views of the valley and a moderate 500-foot climb. You'll see Mineral Point and a winding river along the way. It's ideal for beginning snowshoers who want to try their feet at some varied terrain. 


If you're an experienced snowshoer, there's one trail near Crested Butte that you absolutely can't miss: the Gothic Corridor. This challenging trail begins with a moderate two-mile descent into the valley below. Once you reach the valley, you'll be able to stop and rest at the townsite of Gothic which only operates in the summer months. Now the home of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, this winter ghost town is an ideal spot for photos. 

You can continue on the trail past Gothic, but this section of terrain can be dangerous and is recommended only for advanced snowshoers. Remember that the hike out is primarily uphill. You'll need to bring water, snacks, and layers to ensure a successful outing.   


Snodgrass Road offers a fairly easy climb that intermediate snowshoers can tackle without worry. As you climb the trail, you'll enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Rockies. Head's up that the best views are found at the top of the first small hill you encounter. You can continue down Teddy’s back to the trailhead to make a loop. 

Cement Creek 

This well-groomed trail is relatively flat and perfect for beginning snowshoers. The journey down the road will take you past rustic cabins and winding creek. It's the perfect destination if you want to enjoy a forest getaway that isn't too isolated. 

Cement Creek Road is about 15 minutes from town. It's a popular area where you're likely to run into snowshoers, skiers, fatbikers, and snowmobilers. 

Embark on Your Next Winter Adventure at Crested Butte 

Snowshoe hiking in Crested Butte is a relaxing way to connect with nature after spending a few days on the slopes. If you're ready to start your next ski, snowboard or snowshoe adventure, explore the facilities at Crested Butte resort. You'll find a bold, fun-loving community with miles of beautiful trails.