Uphill Access Policy

Uphill & Non-Operating Hours Use Policy

Uphill access is currently CLOSED on all portions of Crested Butte Mountain Resort until further notice. We love fresh snow too, but without ski patrol and terrain maintenance it is unsafe for skiers, riders, those sledding and first responders. Thank you for respecting all posted closures. 

Crested Butte Mountain Resort (“CBMR”) and the US Forest Service (“USFS”) encourage use of public lands. Users should be aware that the public lands comprising Crested Butte ski area are under permit to CBMR by the USFS. While enjoying these permitted lands, users must abide by CBMR and USFS safety policies, restrictions and recommendations.

Uphill Use by means of skinning and winter biking has gained popularity at Crested Butte in recent years. CBMR welcomes and supports individuals seeking to exercise and enjoy the quiet mountain setting. Uphill users can help preserve this opportunity by following these simple guidelines.


  • All uphill users are required to have an Uphill Use Ticket or Season Pass Product valid at Crested Butte in their possession. Tickets and passes are available at the Adventure Center during the resort’s normal operating hours.
  • All uphill users are required to sign an acknowledgement and waiver prior to Uphill Use.
  • All uphill users are required to adhere to and obey all posted information and to be aware of trail closures and other operational considerations. Be especially aware of other skiers and riders approaching from above or below when on-mountain. Snowmobiles, snow cats, winch cat cable, snowmaking hoses and other equipment may be encountered at any time; the uphill user assumes all risks.
  • Updated route information can also be found online at skicb.com
  • When the Ski Patrol is conducting early-morning avalanche control work, a red light will be deployed on top of tower 3 of the Red Lady lift and at the base area. DO NOT CONTINUE UPHILL BEYOND YELLOW BRICK ROAD AT UPPER PARK.
  • Use of all Terrain Parks is prohibited outside of normal operating hours.
  • Before and after daylight hours, reflective clothing is recommended.
  • Headlamps are required to be turned on while on the mountain before 9 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m.

Operating Hours

  • Uphill Use on the ski area is permissible before and after operating hours on allowed groomed trails and during operating hours can access the mountain via the designated Base to Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks and Top of Red Lady Lift uphill route.
  • All uphill travel must cease by 9:00 a.m. and may not begin again until 4:30 p.m., with the exception of the Day Route.
  • Pre-season access is not allowed due to snowmaking and grooming operations.
  • Post-season access is not allowed due to mountain operations such as road plowing.


  • Dogs must be on a leash or tether and owners must clean up all solid waste, failure to do so may result in removal of Uphill Use privileges.
  • All dogs are required to wear a turned-on collar headlight while on-mountain. Reflective material is also recommended.
  • Dogs and owners must follow designated “Uphill Routes” below.
  • Dogs are not permitted on-mountain from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Uphill Routes

  • Stay in the center of the trails for the best visibility.
  • Uphill skinning Route (see Uphill Use map):
  1. Warming House Hill > Lower Keystone > Upper Park > Yellow Brick Road > Paradise Bowl > Silver Queen Road > Windy Gap.
  • Until the upper mountain is open down to Upper Park, do not proceed uphill past the junction of Peanut and Lower Keystone. During early season ramp up, a sign will indicate this specific area.
  1. Fat Biking is only allowed before and after lift operations; before 9am and after 4:30pm
  2. Warming House Hill > Lower Keystone > Houston. Once you come to Bubba’s Skiway, please return to base area via Houston > Lower Keystone > Warming House Hill
  • All-Day Route For Skinning and Snowshoeing Only (see Uphill Use map):
  1. Warming House Hill to Lower Keystone to Houston Canyon; at intersection of Houston Canyon and Splain’s Gulch the route heads into the trees of Columbine Hill and meanders through trees to top of Homeowners trail at top of Painter Boy /Gold Link lifts and Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks.
  2. From Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks you can continue on to the top of the Red Lady lift: staying on the skier’s left of the Painter Boy Terrain Park pick up the trail where is enters the trees and follow the path to the top of the Red Lady lift.

Descending Route

  • Downhill travel is restricted to Windy Gap > Silver Queen Road > Paradise Bowl > Yellow Brick Road > Upper Park
    > Lower Keystone >Warming House Hill.

Avalanche Danger and Explosives

  • Avalanche danger may exist at any time along many of the uphill routes. Following ANY amount of new snow, or wind, the Ski Patrol may be conducting avalanche control work, including the use of explosives.
  • Avalanche control updates will be posted on CBMR’s Snow Report at 5 a.m.
  • When the Ski Patrol is conducting early morning avalanche control work, a red light will be deployed on tower 3 of the Red Lady lift and at the base area. DO NOT CONTINUE UPHILL BEYOND YELLOW BRICK ROAD AT UPPER PARK!
  • Any other specific closures may be noted on the Snow Report.
  • During an avalanche control work mornings, do not proceed uphill past the start of Upper Park at Yellow Brick Road.


Participants must also beware of, and avoid mountain hazards. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Snowmaking hoses – Danger, high pressure! Do not ski over hoses!
  • Snowmaking hydrants – Do not fall in open sites!
  • Snowmobiles – Make yourself highly visible to avoid collisions!
  • Grooming Operations – Give groomers a wide berth and make yourself visible to operators, do not assume they see you!
  • Winch Cat grooming operations – Dangerous cable! Under no circumstances may anyone access any area within the Resort where winch cat operations are taking place. Such work will involve cables stretched tightly across the terrain and is very dangerous. Skiing into them could result in serious injury or death. Respect strobe lights and signage.
  • Other hazard areas, operations or conditions may exist on-mountain.