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“We came for winter, but stayed for summer.”—Words uttered by most folks who find themselves back in Crested Butte when the snow melts and the wildflowers are in bloom.

As the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, Crested Butte doesn’t shy away from beauty and post-card worthy scenery.  Our small mountain town at the end of the road, is surrounded by 1.7 million acres of National Forest, which leaves visitors and locals alike with innumerable adventures to be had.  With the dramatic scenery of Paradise Divide, rolling hills dotted with flowers of every color, and the charm of downtown Crested Butte, this is truly “paradise found,” and we welcome you to enjoy it with us.

Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, rafting, zipliing, jeep tours, mountaineering and more await you here to inspire your passion.  Clear blue skies and warm days pair with bright stars and crisp mountain nights—both a welcome reprieve from the city. 

As soon as you head up Highway 135, you’ll know you’ve found something truly unique, something you can find #OnlyInCrestedButte.

Base Area Skill Zone - Beginner: Come build your skill base or sharpen your fundamentals in the Skill Zone. Choose from a pump track to beginner single track and learn what sort of obstacles you’ll find on the mountain.

Red Lady Skill Zone - Beginner / intermediate: This area will be a single track loop that will have a variety of skill building obstacles that will help riders prepare for the trails in the Bike Park. These features will build upon what riders encountered in the base area skills zone and give them another chance to practice or warm up prior to descending the mountain.

Up and Away – Beginner / uphill only bike & 2 way hike: A single track trail leaving the base area providing bikers with access to other multi use trails without encountering downhill traffic. This trail is also used for hiking access.

Primer – Beginner – Multi-use Trail: Flowing single track that connects to the top of the Red Lady lift. A great starting point for lift access mountain biking.

Painter Boy – Beginner – Multi-use Trail: This local favorite takes you through fields of wildflowers and stands of aspen trees and can be accessed by the Red Lady Express.

Awakening & Lower Awakening – Beginner – Downhill Only: Rollers and Berms is the theme throughout this piece of trail that travels through beautiful meadow and aspen forest. A great introduction to excavated trails.

Downtime – Beginner – Downhill Only: The final stretch into the base area. Rolling flow all the way back to the lift.

Hotdogger- Beginner - Downhill Only: A super fun first trip down the Evolution bike Park, Hotdogger connects the top of the Red Lady to Lower Awakening via beautiful forest and meadow in the Smith Hill area. This is a machine built trail to offer a wider tread for novice riders and some adaptive bikes. Gradients are consistent with other beginner trails in the Bike Park.

Columbine – Intermediate- Multi-use Trail: Wind your way up Columbine Hill through grassy meadows and Aspen forest. From the top of Columbine trail loop around Horseshoe and Westside for a longer day, or explore one of the many other great options back to the base area.

Prospector – Intermediate – Multi-use Trail: Another cross country option that winds through alpine meadow and Pine forest overlooking Gothic Mountain. Prospect offers a great piece of single trail that can tie in various loops with Meander and Wood’s Trail.

Meander – Intermediate – Multi-use Trail: The name says it all. Meander your way through beautiful mountain landscape on excellent single track that overlooks the East River valley. This trail connects in with the Snodgrass trailhead.

Lower Meander - Intermediate - Multi Use Trail: A section of single track that adds to Meander and allows riders to stay on trail all the way to Gothic Road near the Snodgrass Trailhead. There are amazing views of the East River Valley on this section of trail.

Deer Park – Intermediate – Multi-use trail: A connection between Lower Meander and the Prospector trail that will allow riders to loop back up into the Bike Park without getting onto pavement.

Luge - Intermediate-Downhill Only: Inspired by CBMR’s own Adaptive Sport Center hand cyclists, Luge is a gravity assisted trail that flows through moderate terrain featuring man made berms and rollers mixed in with natural obstacles. This trail is a great place to get comfortable on your bike before heading to Timeline.

Frequency – Intermediate – Downhill Only: This trail follows fun undulating natural terrain and is a great introduction to jumping your bike.

5-Way – Intermediate – Downhill Only: A short piece of trail that will provide better access to the 5 way / ten peaks trails (Painterboy, Awakening, Prospector, Woods, Crusader, Columbine).

Teaser – Intermediate – Downhill Only: This trail parallels Awakening and has very few straight lines as it swerves, curves, and corners, around aspens and through open meadow. A great next step from Hotdogger and Awakening this trail will be machine built and packed full of shapely berms and jumps for max fun potential.

Westside- Advanced- Multi-use Trail: Westside is an epic piece of single track. Amazing sections of flowing trail through Aspen and dark Pine forest are the highlight of this ride. Plenty of technical challenges make this a true Rocky Mountain bike trail.

Happy Hour – Advanced – Multi Use: A new piece of singletrack that will allows riders to connect The Bike Park to town all on trail. The high point of this trail is on West Side just above the West Wall Top Terminal and the low point intersect with the Upper Loop.

Timeline– Advanced – Downhill Only:  A fast and flowing trail through awesome natural terrain with a variety of dirt and wood features to keep you smiling.

Timetable – Advanced – Downhill Only: An alternate finish to the popular Timeline trail this fast flowing trail offers an additional 13 dirt and wood features before connecting to either Avery or Downtime.

Avery – Advanced – Downhill Only: Avery was the site of the DH racecourse for the Mountain States Cup and Pro GRT.  Avery throws a little of everything your way as you descend through pine forest, rock gardens, fast open terrain, and manmade jumps.

Boulder Mason – Advanced – Downhill Only: The result of two talented trail builders who are not afraid to move large rocks all day and create a unique piece of track that is like riding the top of a stone wall through a maze of boulders and aspen forest. A short but awesome addition to the trail network that creates an option within Avery and after Psycho Rocks brought to you by the genius of Tulip and Steinwand.

Wood’s Trail – Advanced – Downhill Only: A smooth gravity fed trail with a mix of manmade obstacles throughout. Ride the top of Luge and then pedal out through the Aspen forest of Painter Boy to access this trail. This is a downhill only trail that requires riding Gothic Road back to the base area.

Crusader – Advanced – Downhill Only: Utilizing the quality dirt on the Gold Link side of the mountain, Crusader corners and jumps its way down steep natural terrain.

Captain Jack - Expert- Downhill Only: A true DH race course that will throw a little of everything at riders and racers. Fast sections, technical sections, and physically demanding sections all combine while traveling through unique and awesome terrain. A true challenge on natural terrain.

Psycho Rocks – Expert: Begin on Avery and head left shortly from the start. Psycho Rocks is our most technical trail on the Resort and starts with a series of technical features and then fast and flowing trail until you hit Psycho Rocks where you must be prepared to select lines through massive boulders and extensive bridging.