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Working for CBMR

Working for CBMR

Working for CBMR

Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) fits perfectly into the town of Crested Butte. We’re family owned and operated and focus on staying true to our small town roots. 

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for guest-focused employees who share our passions, who want to work as a team, both at the resort and in the community.  Living and working in the Rockies, particularly in the Gunnison Valley, is a unique lifestyle.  If you’re looking for a job where your co-workers are happy to come to work and are even happier if they have 4 feet of snow to shovel, this may be the place for you. 

As a team, we work together to encourage a desire for adventure in our guests.  We rely on each and every employee to make genuine, fulfilling connections with our guest by sharing our mountain lifestyle.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Whether you’re looking at options, considering a job offer, or have accepted a position with CBMR, it is important to remember that proof of eligibility to work in the United States is required. All Employees must have the necessary identification or before their first day of work.

Required identification is often given in the form of: A U.S. Passport - OR - Driver’s License/ State ID and Social Security Card or Birth Certificate

Other types of IDs are also acceptable. We are required by federal and state law to view the original documents. Copies or faxes are NOT acceptable.



Professionalism at Crested Butte means being a role model for fellow staff and exhibiting qualities like reliability, punctuality and teamwork.

Professionalism includes The Team Look, which is tremendously important and encompasses both cleanliness and appearance. All employees are expected to be groomed and dressed in a neat and clean manner appropriate to their job. Some of the more important elements include: 

  • Uniforms & Nametags – Issued uniforms and nametags must be worn during work hours. Each department has a dress/uniform code which is extremely important for the overall look of your department. 
  • Hair – Extreme hairstyles such as mohawks, dreadlocks and unnatural hair colors are permitted if they can be covered by a company issued uniform hat and meet all safety and health regulations. 
  • Jewelry & Tattoos – We have guidelines for size of ear gauges and plugs and number of earrings on ears. No eyebrow, tongue, other facial or visible body piercings are permitted at work. In general, tattoos must not be visible to our guests.

The Best Fit

When applying for jobs, consider the some of the following so that we end up with the best fit for both you and CBMR:

  • Do you enjoy being outside or inside?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with people, or prefer to work alone?
  • Do you want to work days? Nights? Swing shift? Full-time or part time? 
  • Do you have specific skill or talents you hope to use? 

Read about the different divisions that comprise our workforce.

Resort Services: This division encompasses ticket sales, rentals, retail, our on mountain adventure park, guest services, parking, the ski and ride school, mountain sports teams and events. If you are looking to share your passion for mountain life with guests, this may be where you belong. Working in these departments puts you in a unique position to create the ultimate vacation experience through new and exciting recreational activities. 

Culinary: With dining outlets like The WoodStone Grille, Butte 66 and Coal Breaker Coffee Co., joined by Paradise on Crested Butte and Uley’s Cabin during our winter seasons, CBMR ‘s dining options run the gamete from quick and casual to elegant and elaborate. Our talented chefs, bartenders, wait staff and management team members make it all possible. If you are looking for a fast paced position with opportunities to learn and develop your skills, our Culinary division might be the place for you!

Mountain Operations: The Mountain Operations division is the structural backbone of the Crested Butte Mountain experience. From snow making, grooming and vehicle maintenance to lift operations, lift maintenance and ski patrol, these employees spend their time ensuring we give the best on mountain product to our guests. 

Marketing and Sales: Getting the word out about all Crested Butte has to offer is what these folks do best! Our marketing team handles snow reporting, social media content, advertising and much more. Our Sales team has specialists devoted to weddings, groups and key geographical regions. Our Crested Butte Vacation team makes travel dreams come true. Devoted, knowledgeable agents work hard to match all of our amazing products with our guests to create memories that will last a lifetime! 

Lodging: With three beautiful properties, The Lodge at Mountaineer square, the Grand Lodge and the Plaza, CBMR runs a bustling lodging division. Frontline positions such as bellmen, front desk agents and supervisors work to provide excellence in accommodation from the moment our guests arrive. Behind the scenes, our diligent housekeeping, laundry and maintenance staffs keep things running smoothly and looking sharp throughout the year.


As a destination resort, CBMR is busiest when our guests have time off from work and school. In the winter season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, President’s Week and Spring Break. During the summer: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. Since we work as a team, employees are expected to be available to work during all holiday time periods.

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