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At CBMR we live Our Dream of being “Colorado’s authentic four season mountain resort where guests connect with the land and each other.”  We are passionate about this place, the land around us and our community, where we live, work and play. You will often hear words like “real”, “true”, “authentic” and “genuine” about Crested Butte, as it truly is a place to unwind, relax and partake in endless adventures with family and friends.

Our Values:

SAFETY – Our team is focused on a safe workplace. We care about everyone we work with and want them to take care of themselves and each other.

SERVICE – We strive to exceed guest expectations. 


        Profitability - Financial profitability ensures resort and employee sustainability.
        Environment - As good stewards of the land, we protect our spectacular natural environment.
        Community - As responsible citizens, we enhance and support our local communities.

TEAMWORK – It takes all employees working together to be successful. No one person on the team is more important than another.

Goals and Objectives

1. Create additional terrain variety/diversity. Increase the total amount of developed/undeveloped terrain and ski pods, with an emphasis on Intermediate skiers to increase the length of stay of destination guests so that CBMR can remain competitive as a destination resort.

2. Provide an expanded offering of additional recreational activities for year-round utilization of the facilities, with a focus on summer activities.

3. Continue to increase the quality of the facilities to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the local, regional and destination skier markets.