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Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks

The purpose of Crested Butte's terrain park program is to provide riders and skiers with a higher fun factor than they could find on typical groomed or natural terrain. Learning is fun and finishing your day safely is fun, so we emphasize education, safety and progression throughout all of our park offerings.

We encourage all park riders to clearly understand the Park Smart model. Be sure to check out our Safety Page for more details!

Crested Butte Mountain Resort has three terrain parks. The high quality of the program can be attributed to the crew of snowmakers, cat operators and park rangers that are committed to building and maintaining features that are awesome.

It is our goal to complement the challenging natural terrain of Crested Butte so that riders and skiers can progress in as many disciplines as possible. The Crested Butte Park staff is dedicated to offering a wide selection of features that will give riders the opportunity to build their skills in a variety of applications.

Get started in the Painter Boy Park. You will be ready to move to the Cascade Park once you have some grabs on lock, are working out some spinning maneuvers and can slide across plastic or metal without adding a hematoma to your hip. Ride it all.

Ten Peaks Progression Park

The Ten Peaks Progression Park is designed to offer the most user friendly features in the park system. It is accessed from the Painter Boy, Gold Link and Prospect lifts. If you are just getting started, you will have small, simple features to learn on. Move over 20 feet and the next level is there for you. Move over again and step up to jumps that will prepare you to cross over the hill and check out the Lower Twister and Keystone Terrain Parks. Also a great place to work on new tricks before taking them to larger features. This is usually the warmest place on the mountain and you can fuel up with a quad espresso at Ten Peaks before rolling in to the park. Sunshine, caffeine and jumps. What could be better?

Keystone Jib Park

This park is perfect for all ability levels. The current set up includes our most popular boxes and rail features with a couple small tabletops co-mingled. Creative riding and skiing is encouraged in this zone that gets new and improved features weekly. This park is on Lower Keystone, so why not stop in and see what the park crew has built this week? 

Lower Twister Terrain Park

The Lower Twister Terrain Park is a brand new offering for our park users this year. This location was chosen for its ideal rolling terrain, ease of access from the Red Lady and Silver Queen high speeds quads, plus state of the art snowmaking. This park will morph as we receive more snow throughout the season. Currently, this zone consists of three perfectly manicured jumps in the 25’ to 35’ range. Find this park below Uley’s Cabin on Lower Twister. 

Family Cross Course

This family friendly skier/boarder cross track is in an all new location this season. Feel the flow and race your friends down this bermed course littered with rollers and medium sized table tops.