Mountain Sports Mountain Bike Team

Come join the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Mountain Bike Team (CBMST) and be a part of the most comprehensive program in the valley for progressing skills both on and off the bike. If you are into downhill, cross-country or enduro (which combines DH & XC) we have a group for you.

CBMST will take advantage of access to the diverse trail network of the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park as well as the famous single track trails throughout the Gunnison Valley.

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Programming Information

We feel that what really sets this program apart is the access to lift-served riding at CBMR and building essential MT bike skills for life through solid coaching and repetition. Stance & Balance, Braking & Cornering in varied situations and terrain are the main focus of our programs. With the proper delivery of skills from our amazing coaches and the repetition that the lift served riding provides, encourages amazing progress and trail mastery!

Balance. Technique. Cornering. The three essentials for mountain biking. Concentrating on body positioning on your bike is probably the single most important part of mountain biking. A solid stance and balance on a bike will only allow for more technical riding in the future. Teaching this early on is essential to avoiding bad habits in the future. With learned balance and technique, cornering comes along very nicely.

For newer riders, speed is the most intimidating factor, especially when you’re learning about balance and how to control your speed. You can’t necessarily learn to go faster until you actually start getting accustomed to speed itself. With lots of trails on CBMR that allow downhill-only traffic, kids can practice their skills and slowly begin to get comfortable with a speed that suits them. Eventually they’ll be confident enough to really enjoy some fast, flowy turns.

Repetition builds muscle memory, even at a young age. When you learn certain skills, one would hope that those skills will last a lifetime. Learning bad habits so young can lead to injury and therefore less time on our bikes. We need to be sure to instill good habits as early as possible. With lift-served riding kids are able to focus on these skills and repeat them over and over, so that the next year they will pick up right where they left off.

CBMST offers a flexible scheduling option again for the 2020 summer season. You are able to sign up for the entire 11 week summer, 2 days a week (or more!), or if you have a busy summer planned you may sign up for a minimum of 8 pre-scheduled sessions over the 11 weeks that will efficiently custom fit your schedule.
gOgirl & MST groups will be organized based on athletes’ interest, ability level and age. These programs are for riders who are 7 years old and up and riding single track trails. Beginners should be in the Mt Adventures bike programs.
24” (minimum) wheels on a mountain bike with gears, no pedal brakes, front suspension and well maintained. Mountain bike pack includes tubes, tools, rain jacket, water and snacks. Sturdy, closed toed shoes and eyewear are also essential.
We are entering our fourth year of partnering with the gO initiative to offer the ever popular Crested Butte gO Girls Mt Bike Team! This program is girls only, of course, and runs two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Sessions will focus on a range of mountain biking skills either on lift-served bike park trails or XC trail riding somewhere in the valley! The gO Initiative scholarships are available for the gO girls on a limited basis; please email for more information.

Need More Information?

For any questions or concerns, please contact the following:

Woody Lindenmeyr, Director of CBMST

Rosa Greeley, Resort Services Administrator