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Zero Waste Lifestyle

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Words by Jake Burchmore


As a skier, I try to be consciously aware about my impact on the environment and the land we use to ski or ride. Our beloved mountains should be treated with utmost respect. By choosing the zero waste lifestyle, we can live in a healthier environment and give Mother Nature the respect she deserves. Our choices and behaviors are vital when it comes to our impact through generating waste. Moreover, diverting waste to the right places is also important for adopting this lifestyle and maintaining your practices. In 2008, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) initiated a resort-wide recycling program to help provide the outlets for those who choose to divert their waste to the right places, and more recently, the resort created their version of Mountain Manners.

First of all, what does it mean to be zero waste? This may seem like an impossible goal for some, but it is achievable. Zero waste means that you as an individual can reduce your waste by 100% by following a certain set of guidelines.  Here is a brief guide for what steps to take to create, maintain, and love the zero waste lifestyle as a skier or snowboarder at CBMR and in your everyday lives.  

  1. Be a conscious consumer and purchaser: When shopping, keep the zero waste ideals in the back of your mind. Avoid buying packaged goods and materials that cannot be reused. Instead, buy goods and materials that can remain out of the landfill and continue its life through the circular and reusable economy.
  2. Recycling: Look for and feel encouraged to utilize the recycling containers at the top and bottom of all of the lifts, within all of our restaurants and throughout all of our base area facilities. 
  3. Reuse: Pack your own coffee mug to Coal Breaker Coffee to reduce paper cup waste. Also, feel encouraged to bring your own silverware and plate if you are feeling especially determined. Wanna go the extra mile? Bring the plastic silverware to reuse at home!
  4. Circular Lifestyle: Incorporate these practices with you and commit to reducing your waste; and instead, be aware to find new uses for some of the products and materials you would have otherwise thrown away. Individual actions can go a long way. We hope to spread this lifestyle to all those who visit, ski or ride at CBMR.  

We hope that these guidelines can assist you towards becoming more eco-conscious, and we encourage you to incorporate these practices at CBMR, at home and beyond.