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The Other Apres Ritual

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

The Other Apres Ritual

The Other Apres Ritual

There’s nothing more rewarding, exhilarating and potentially exhausting then a day spent skiing or snowboarding. With 95 runs and 77% of terrain open, Crested Butte Mountain Resort is the ideal spot to spend all day out on the mountain.

The rush and reward of a day spent skiing is indisputable, but so is the work your muscles put in. A day on the mountain often calls for rewarding your taste buds with an après drink, but you should also reward your body with an après ski massage. Your quads, calves, glutes and back go through a tremendous workout while skiing and there’s no better way to keep you going, day after day, than taking care of your muscles.

Meghan Haver, Griggs Orthopedics massage therapist, stresses the importance of allowing your muscles to recuperate. "The benefits of massage are significant; snowboarding and skiing often lead to muscle strain,” she explains. “Having a massage after these activities re-oxygenates your body, helps improve blood flow, and helps to ease muscle strain and tension. Massage also helps to shorten your post activity recovery time, which means you can get back on the hill faster and feel better than you may have without a massage." Meghan also informed that a little known benefit of massage is the role it plays in injury prevention by relieving the tightness often associated with muscular injury.

So whether you’re looking to decrease muscle soreness and tension or looking to improve flexibility and prevent injury, massage can play an essential role is keeping you at your very best.

Despite the low snow levels, the season is flying by! Don't forget to take care of your body so that when spring rolls around, you're ready to hit the trails running (or riding)!