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Opening Day Wrap Up

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Opening Day Wrap Up

Crested Butte Opening Day Wrap Up

Our sails were snapping in the wind, the storm clouds loomed over head and pirates of all ages crowded the gangplank, waiting patiently to disembark into the snowy sea.  It was Opening Day at CBMRrrrgghhh, and it was a pirate’s delight, indeed.

The champagne and rum were flowing, our flags were flying, and treasures were stashed around the resort, for lucky mates to find.  With a storm on the horizon, the crew was a-buzz.  They say a stormy sea makes a strong sailor, so blizzards must certainly make better skiers.

The treasure hunt was a hit; the hidden gems were found at a remarkable speed--Crested Butte pirates are professional looters, it seems. 

The day wrapped up with a jig to music by Rapidgrass and a cask (or two!) of beer.  And all the pirates ended Opening Day in good cheer.