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The Meaning of Fall in Crested Butte

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

The Meaning of Fall in Crested Butte

Crested Butte The Meaning of Fall in Crested Butte

From frost covered windshields in the wee-hours of the morning, to gold tipped aspens rattling in the warm afternoon sun, fall in Crested Butte is a season of diversity. If you are thrilled by the approaching winter, you’ll love our chilly mornings and moody storms. If you love to bask in the summer heat, you’ll find the sunny afternoons the perfect time of day. 

And above all else, if you love hillsides awash in electric colors of fall foliage, this is certainly the place to be. But while all that is true enough, what exactly does fall in Crested Butte mean?

Change of Season, Change of Pace

With school back in session, you’ll find Elk Avenue uncrowded, leaving plenty of benches to choose from to enjoy your afternoon coffee. During the work week, popular trails are empty, the back country roads are free of the summer traffic and you’ll find solitude in the wild places. However, even though things slow down, you’ll often find that your favorite places in town are still open for business until the off-season (around the beginning of October-November) and delightfully uncrowded. 

Winter Stoke

When the thermometer begins to read in the low-thirties in the mornings and you’re scraping frost off the windshield, you begin to sense a change in town. The peaks that surround Crested Butte are adorned with a dusting of snow in the mornings and we all start thinking one thing: winter time. Winter stoke is a palatable thing and the buzz around town turns from mountain biking and wildflowers to predictions of snowfall, new gear and new adventures.

Moody Landscape

Low slung clouds inverted over a sleepy morning, frost tipped peaks in the distance, pine tree groves the color of slate against neon gold aspen leaves and stormy evenings, with dramatic storm clouds all come together for a landscape like no other. As things transition into the colder side of the year, the weather in the valley begins to shift with numerous cloudy afternoons and a chilly breeze—you’ll be bundling up and excited for a reprieve from the summer heat.

Fall Foliage

An article about the fall wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the changing leaves. With our abundance of aspens (hello largest aspen grove in Colorado!), it’s safe to say we have the most spectacular scenery for leaf-lookers. Match those brightly colored leaves, with the moody weather and you have some seriously incredible views. Find your own yellow brick road out on a hike, or crunch along single track on your mountain bike, whatever you’re into, you’ll be fully immersed in the colors of fall. 

The transition between summer and winter is just as spectacular as those highlight seasons are—and it’s both unique and short-lived. While it’s difficult to say when fall foliage will hit its peak, it’s safe to say you’ll love fall in Crested Butte. 

- Cayla Vidmar