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Featured Hike #15: Gothic Mountain

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Featured Hike #15: Gothic Mountain

Crested Butte Featured Hike #15: Gothic Mountain

Hiking in the Gunnison Valley this fall has been nothing short of amazing, and we were itching to summit one more peak before the beautiful leaves were gone.  One afternoon while sitting on a bench outside the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, we looked up at Gothic Mountain and said “let’s hike Gothic!”  Several days later, with our backpacks and hiking gear on, we made our way to the trailhead to begin the trek up the majestic Gothic Mountain.

You can begin the hike up Gothic Mountain a few different ways, either from the Washington Gulch, or from the Gothic side; we choose to hike from the Gothic side.  Again, we cranked up the tunes, got our stoke level high, and made our way to the town of Gothic.  Once you pass the town of Gothic, continue on for several more miles before reaching the Washington Gulch trailhead.  Park your car in the designated parking location and get ready for a great adventure!

After parking, you will notice the Washington Gulch trail just in front of you.  This hike is rather strenuous, so bring plenty of water and snacks.  The initial climb is rather steep, so take your time and pace yourself.  Continue along the path for 3 miles before coming to an unmarked trail on your left.  If you are coming from the Washington Gulch side, this unmarked trail will be on your right.  Continue on the unmarked trail that will lead you to the Peak of Gothic Mountain.  That said, this is where the trail becomes rather difficult and steep, but pushing through will be rewarding because an amazing treasure awaits you.

There are several false summits as you continue along the hike, but keeping going!  There were moments when we thought we had made it, and out of breath we looked up and said, “No way, we’ve got to keep going!?”  We charged along the path, took our time, and eventually made it to the peak.  It was tough, strenuous, and our legs were tired, but we marched on and captured mesmerizing views of the colorful Mount Crested Butte and Gunnison Valley.  This hike is recommended for experienced hikers only.  Have fun, be safe, and hike on!