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Back Alleys of Crested Butte

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Back Alleys of Crested Butte

Back Alleys of Crested Butte

Crested Butte is a small town consisting primarily of one main street, Elk Avenue. Our downtown avenue features some incredible restaurants, lively bars and eclectic shops; not to mention lots of events and festivals. Designated as a National Historic District and featuring an array of colorful facades, Elk Avenue is a “must do” – or shall we say “must stroll” – for anyone visiting Crested Butte Mountain Resort. However, many of Crested Butte’s true colors can be found by meandering the alleys and side streets of Elk Avenue.

Here are some of our favorite sights, sounds and feelings that can be found down the back alleys of Crested Butte:


Coal Creek winds through the heart of downtown Crested Butte passing under Elk Avenue as it intersects with Second Street. You’re encouraged to follow Coal Creek’s flows and babbles behind the popular storefronts of Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream, Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven and the Eldo. The creek contours next to a beautiful brick walkway and conveniently pops you out close to the Brick Oven Pizzeria and Dogwood Cocktail Cabin.


Two story outhouse. It’s not everywhere that you hear those words used together, but Crested Butte is certainly not everywhere. 

Built in the 1800s, Crested Butte’s two story outhouse became a necessity during those years where the snow was too deep for your ordinary outhouse! The double-decker outhouse still stands today in the alley behind the Secret Stash and Teocalli Tamale, but don’t run there when you’ve got to go – they’ve been decommissioned.


Surprise, comfort and exclusivity are a few of the feelings that diners receive at Soupcon Bistro. Widely regarded as one of Crested Butte’s best restaurants, Soupcon displays an incredible ambiance and product that one would never expect from an old miner’s cabin tucked quietly down a dirt alley. Found behind Kochevars Saloon and the Forest Queen Hotel, Soupcon features two intimate seatings for dinner only, seven days a week. 

The next time that you are in Crested Butte, we encourage you to take a path less travelled and share your favorite off Elk sounds, sights and feelings with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @skicrestedbutte and #onlyincrestedbutte.