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Activity Highlight: Wednesday's with Wendy

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Activity Highlight: Wednesday's with Wendy

Activity Highlight: Wednesday's with Wendy

One of Crested Butte’s most unique activities is the opportunity to ski and learn from local acclaimed skier Wendy Fisher. Wendy is not only an accomplished skier and freeskiing expert, she hosts monthly Wednesdays with Wendy ski clinics at Crested Butte Mountain Resort to help intermediate and advanced skiers excel on her home mountain. 

Good news is that you don’t have to ski as great as Wendy to learn from one of the best skiers on the mountain and there are two separate learning options based upon ability level (intermediate and advanced skiers). Beyond the learning you also explore the best terrain that Crested Butte has to offer – beginner runs to extreme pitches, catered to your ability level - from an instructor that knows the intricacies of the mountain. This makes for an unforgettable ski day! 

“Beyond making me a better skier, she is so fun to ski with, challenged me, and introduced me the parts of the mountain that I would have never found on my own. After our on-mountain experience she has always answered the phone whether I have questions about my first heli-skiing experience or referring a friend to her clinic. She really allows you to build a relationship.” – Billy

Wendy’s goal is to show each participant an amazing time and share her passion for skiing. Wendy takes her time, evaluating the skills of the group and helps each individual’s skills and style and work to overcome any inner fears you might have. Through her experience she has found that fear can be the biggest obstacle restricting the advancement of one’s skiing level. 

“People often comment that I must be fearless, but I am not. I am faced with a lot of fear and have learned to not let it derail me. Ski with me and find a new level of your fearless." – Wendy Fisher

Learning to read terrain while improving technique will leave you with a greater level of confidence and skills that will enhance your skiing experience at Crested Butte Mountain Resort and beyond.

“After having two children, my ski game was completely thrown off. After 1 session with Wendy, she re-instilled my confidence by offering simple direction and clear instruction. Despite her global accomplishments in the ski world, Wendy is incredibly approachable, patient and really great about drumming up individual enthusiasm at any level, which is what she did for me.” – Kate 

Make sure to call the Adventure Center and sign up for one her amazing clinics and dive into an experience of a lifetime! Clinics are capped at 6 people – so call today. 

Intermediate Skiers Clinics:
February 14 and March 14 from 10 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: $130
NOTE: This clinic is geared toward building confidence. Participants should not plan to get out to the famed Crested Butte Extremes on that particular day. This depends entirely on whether the whole group is comfortable and ready.

Advanced Skiers: 
February 21 and March 21 from 10 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: $130
NOTE: This lesson is ideal for the skier who has experienced or is ready to experience the famed Crested Butte Extremes. 

Join Wendy and find your “fearless”! 

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