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Crested Butte New-3D Archery Course!

New-3D Archery Course!

We are known as a great ski resort, the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado”, the Last Great Colorado Ski Town, the list could go on. For hunting enthusiasts, Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley are also well known for their wildlife and game. In fact, the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce has the 1899 World Record Elk shot in Gunnison County by John Plute, along with the gun he used.

After hosting the first annual West Elk Archers High Mountain Shootout last summer, Crested Butte Mountain Resort is excited to announce the addition of a fulltime 3D Archery course to the list of summer...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #3: Lower Loop

Featured Hike #3: Lower Loop

Take it easy on the fun and relaxing Lower Loop Trail. Conveniently located near the town of Crested Butte, the Lower Loop Trail offers mellow terrain for anyone looking to explore. The views are astounding as you come across Peanut Lake with beautiful Paradise Divide and Mt. Crested Butte standing tall just in front of you. Grab a seat and relax on one of the many benches along the trail while your feet bask in the array of colorful wildflowers. The Lower Loop trail is the ideal hike for the whole family. Run, walk, hike, and bike on this fun and colorful trail.

From town of...

Crested Butte Why CBMR is the Perfect Wedding Venue

Why CBMR is the Perfect Wedding Venue

Looking to find the perfect wedding venue for your special day. We did an interview with our Wedding Sales managers explaining why Crested Butte Mountain Resort is the perfect place! 

What is unique about your ceremony location(s)?

When you host your wedding in Crested Butte, you and your guests will immediately feel the difference that sets Crested Butte apart from other mountain locations. With no traffic lights or chain stores and people who openly celebrate life every day, the genuine nature of the community and the pristine surroundings immediately...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #2: Rustler’s Gulch Trail

Featured Hike #2: Rustler’s Gulch Trail

Hike, bike, run, and camp your way to Rustler’s Gulch Trail located just past Gothic Mountain! As you make your way to the trail, you will travel through the unique and historic town of Gothic, an old mining town now used as a biological laboratory. Don’t forget your camera as you will be surrounded by unbelievable views.

Continue for another 6 miles past the town of Gothic before turning right on Rustler’s Gulch Road. Here, you must cross the East River by foot or vehicle. Depending on the height of the river and type of vehicle you drive (SUV highly recommend), be cautious...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #1: Long Lake

Featured Hike #1: Long Lake

Over the course of the summer we will be featuring the best hikes of Crested Butte! With the abundance of trails that Crested Butte has to offer, you are sure to find beauty around every corner. So, get your hiking boots ready and have your water bottle handy as we explore the best hikes of Crested Butte!

Featured Hike #1: Long Lake

Hike Time: 20-30 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner

Grab your fishing pole or have a relaxing picnic at Long Lake! Located 2.5 miles up Washington Gulch Road, Long Lake is one of the most beautiful hikes in Crested Butte. From the trail...