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The 2016/2017 Season by the Numbers

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

The 2016/2017 Season by the Numbers

Crested Butte The 2016/2017 Season by the Numbers

It’s been a winter to remember, one that will go down in Crested Buttian history ranking alongside the legendary 2007-08 season!

CBMR was open 137 days
We received 324 total inches of snow
January 2017 received 136 total inches of snow. That’s over 11 FEET!

January 2017 was the snowiest January in history. The resort shut down due to too much snow and for almost 24 hours #burythebutte was trending nationally on Twitter. Ski Patrol worked their tails off to maintain terrain and drop rope lines as quickly as possible this entire season.

Thank you Ski Patrol, your hard work and good humored patrol signs kept us smiling all season long.

Here are some stats: 

  • Patrol loaded the lift at 6 am 20 times this season for avalanche control work and mitigation
  • They hung 6-8 miles of rope
  • Went through 1,000 sticks of bamboo
  • Placed 500 assorted signs across the resort 
  • Drank 250 gallons of coffee
  • Made 200 batches of popcorn using their popcorn machine at Patrol Headquarters
  • Went through 2 gallons of sunscreen
  • Threw 4,000 to 5,000 hand charges

Without our Food and Beverage team there would be a lot of hungry skiers and riders at CBMR. Thankfully this crew knows how to roll a mean burrito and has perfected the French fry. Whether you enjoyed a beer at Butte 66 or brought the kiddos to Paradise for a cup of hot chocolate, our Food and Beverage team worked hard to keep you satisfied. 

  • 31,417 beers were served at Butte 66
  • 16,034 Bloody Mary’s were served at Paradise
  • 15,077 delicious burgers were consumed at Paradise
  • 6,598 burritos were rolled at Jefe’s
  • We went through 3,745 gallons of hot chocolate
  • And our favorite… 85,000 pounds of French fries were served up this season! 

Each season we set recycling goals to help decrease our environmental impact. This season we not only met those goals we surpassed them! Thank you for doing your part! 

  • Last winter season we recycled 47.32 tons of paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and tin (combined). This year we recycled 64.22 tons combined. That’s a 36% increase in recycling!
  • Last winter season we used 50 cases of 0% recycled content copy paper, originally produced in Brazil. This year we used 42 cases of 50% recycled content paper, produced in the good ole’ U.S. of A. That’s a 16% reduction. There are .6 trees in each case of 0% recycled content paper. In other words we saved 4.8 trees over last year, or 17.4 trees if you factor in the recycled content. In Colorado there are, on average, 30 trees per acre.  As such we saved over a half acre of deforestation this winter alone!

That’s a wrap folks! The 2016/2017 winter season is officially over and that means we can start officially getting stoked for mountain biking! Summer operations kick off June 10, 2017. We can’t wait to see you then!