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18 Reasons to Disc Golf at 10,300’

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

18 Reasons to Disc Golf at 10,300’

18 Reasons to Disc Golf at 10,300’

Have you ever tried to play “real” golf and struggled with the infinite minutia associated with the golf swing?  Keep your head down, bend your knees, shift your weight, etc.; basically everything that fills the book you bought Dad for Father’s Day.  Well, disc golf is just like that, but much different, so we’ve narrowed down the simplest reasons that you should try disc golf on your next visit to Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

Here are our easy 18 reasons to keep in mind:

  1. The rules are simple: get the disc or Frisbee® into the basket in as few “strokes” as possible.
  2. CBMR has two 18-hole courses: a Long Course and Short Course.
  3. All ages can play. The Short Course is great for beginners or folks strapped for time!
  4. The views are spectacular!  There are incredible views of the Elk Mountain Range, Gunnison National Forest and Mt. Crested Butte from the course.
  5. It’s all downhill from here. Both of Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s disc golf courses begin at the top of the Red Lady Express Lift at 10,300 feet above sea level.  An Adventure Ticket or Scenic Lift Ride Ticket will allow you to ride the lift up before you follow the course back to the Base Area.
  6. “It’s just like throwing a Frisbee.”
  7. The equipment is cheap!  A full disc golf bag rental (three discs) is only $20 from the Evolution Bike Shop.
  8. It’s a lot easier to lose a golf ball than a brightly colored disc.
  9. Experience your favorite ski runs in a different season.  The Long Course follows numerous winter trails down the mountain.
  10. The “fairways” are lined with wildflowers; Crested Butte is the Wildflower Capital of Colorado after all.
  11. It doesn’t take very long to play.  The Short Course can be played in about one hour. 
  12. There are no fancy dress codes.
  13. It is free to play.  Although you will need to purchase a ticket if you’d like to ride the lift to the start of the courses.
  14. The disc golf baskets are much bigger than a traditional golf hole.
  15. You can’t make a divot.
  16. You don’t need a tee time.
  17. No more complaining about which club to use; you only have a couple of options.
  18. The winner’s face will be permanently engraved into a new gold statue in the base area*.

In loving memory of Tim Foley, longtime groomer and grandfather of CBMR’s disc golf course, the pro tournament will be held on the Long Course and amateur categories will compete on the Short Course.  More information can be found on our events page.

*Pending approval