The Motet at the Center for the Arts
Unity starts on the dance floor.
Friday: Jan 03 - Jan 03
Doors: 7 p.m. // Show: 8 p.m.
Center for the Arts
Unity starts on the dance floor. It is there Denver septet The Motet exudes an energetic mélange of boisterous badass funk, swaggering soul, and thought-provoking pop. Thriving on triggering this purest form of energy on the planet – that of grinding and grooving in unison – The Motet generates friction, sparks and light. Since 1998, the boys have cooked up nine full-length albums (including their 2019 Death or Devotion) and entranced countless crowds with annual sell outs of the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. With funk as the common ground, each member of The Motet brings their own inspirational piece to the puzzle. Lyle Divinsky lilts his vocals with a distinctively R&B style; drummer Dave Watts’ punctuates with a worldbeat; keyboardist Joey Porter brings his encyclopedic understanding of punk; guitarist Ryan Jalbert launches into psychedelic jams; sizzling saxophonist Drew Sayers influences with hip hop and reggae; while Parris Fleming spices it up with his trumpet and bassist Garrett Sayers holds it all down. “We’re all dancing on the same dance floor,” proclaims Lyle, “Even though our steps may look a little different.”