“The Best Bike Demo in the Universe”
Daily: Aug 16 - Aug 18
9 a.m.
Full demo $240, Pass and food only $190, Social $85
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Western Spirit Cycling has partnered with Crested Butte Mountain Resort to bring the “Best Bike Demo in the Universe” to one of the birth places of the sport. Crested Butte has always been high on the bucket list for mountain bike enthusiasts, and the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park offers an excellent footprint for Outerbike participants to test a variety of mountain bikes. Load the Red Lady Express with one of the latest and greatest bikes, or hop on a trail right out of the base area and put it to the test on the diverse trail network at the Mountain Bike Park. There is something for everyone so bring your friends and family and soak up the impressive mountain views, then relax with a tasty beverage at the end of the day. Attendance is capped, so register early to get your spot! Three different packages to choose from (Full Demo, BYOB or Social cards) offer various levels of access to fit your needs at Outerbike.