CBMR 2012 Master Development Plan

This Resort Master Development Plan (MDP) provides a vision for the future of Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR), as reflected in its management philosophies. It incorporates previous approvals at the Main Mountain along with adjacent private land development projects, new concepts for the Teo Park, Teo Drainage expansion area and Snodgrass Mountain, culminating in a comprehensive plan for a balanced, cohesive resort.

The ultimate goal is to create a year-round recreational experience that is appealing to guests of all ability levels, thereby attracting and retaining destination visitors for longer durations.

Prepared in compliance with the terms of CBMR’s Forest Service-issued Special Use Permit (SUP), this Resort MDP provides five main functions:

  • Provide a thorough assessment of existing operations and facilities (including constraints and opportunities) at the Main Mountain.
  • Summarize previously approved projects at the Main Mountain.
  • Plan for future terrain expansion concepts in the Teo Drainage area and low-impact activities on Snodgrass Mountain.
  • Continue to plan and develop summer mountain biking and hiking programs as well as other outdoor activities for increased use and enjoyment as a summer tourist destination.
  • Comprehensively plan the year-round operational and recreational functionality of CBMR, accounting for all existing previously approved upgrading projects on the Main Mountain.


In identifying the Goals and Objectives of the MDP, CBMR and mountain planners carefully considered the attributes that make Crested Butte a unique mountain resort (i.e., strengths) and what opportunities exist within and adjacent to CBMR’s SUP area? Also considered, were the constraints that impede CBMR from reaching its potential in the regional and national destination market. This exercise allowed CBMR and mountain planners to focus on determining what the critical issues are to revitalize its position as a regional/national destination resort.

As a result, three key issues emerged that define the Goals and Objectives of CBMR’s MDP:

  1. Create additional terrain variety/diversity. Increase the total amount of developed/undeveloped terrain and ski pods, with an emphasis on Intermediate skiers to increase the length of stay of destination guests so that CBMR can remain competitive as a destination resort.
  2. Provide an expanded offering of additional recreational activities for year-round utilization of the facilities, with a focus on summer activities.
  3. Continue to increase the quality of the facilities to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the local, regional and destination skier markets.