Winter Photography Workshop Adventures

March 16 – 17
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Join local professional photographer, Raynor Czerwinski, on a cross country ski tour out to the historic town of Gothic and stay the night in the Luxurious Maroon hut.

Spend the evening photographing the sunset over the historic buildings as well as the dramatic mountainous scenery. After dinner, return outside to a nighttime winter wonderland to photograph night sky.

The Maroon Hut Has raised the bar for backcountry living with a ground source heat pump for heating and hot water, electricity, a full kitchen with running water, and four bedrooms with beds for eight people.

All Workshops have a maximum of 6 people and cost $235. The cost includes one on one photographic instruction, and lodging fees at the Maroon hut. The meals are decided on prior to the event and dinner will be gourmet provided by Raynor's Chef.

The ski is 4 miles (one way) on moderate terrain to the Gothic town site, or roughly 1.5-2 hours depending on conditions.

The Maroon Hut has many amenities, so this is one of the “lighter” ski tours one can go on in the area.

Required Photography Equipment:
Digital or Film camera, SLR preferred. Any camera that has the ability to change the exposure/f-stop manually will work.
Graduated Neutral Density Filters (Highly recommended/Required)
Cable Release

For booking, contact (970) 349-7044 or

Any other questions, please feel free to contact Raynor Czerwinski


We will respond as soon as possible.