Unraveling Visual Art

December 31
03:30 PM – 06:00 PM

UNRAVELING VISUAL ART is a guided tour through Crested Butte ArtWalk, Art Mediums and the World of the Visual. 

Have questions about what you are viewing when walking into an art gallery? Lack the background knowledge to answer them? This class is for you! Join instructor Suzanne Pierson in this unique "art appreciation" class and tour where participants have the opportunity to learn about various art techniques, mediums, styles and approaches in order to gain a better understanding of what they are looking at when viewing art. The first hour and a half will be spent at the Art Studio viewing art, answering questions and learning about the world of the visual. The last hour will be spent with Suzanne guiding the participants through ArtWalk, where they will have the opportunity to apply their newfound appreciation to what they are viewing on the walls Crested Butte’s fine art galleries.
The first hour and a half is spent in the classroom at the Art Studio for the Center for the Arts then the last hour is walking the galleries. Cost is $15.


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