NEW Snow Bike Program

NEW Snow Bike ProgramThe following program has been set up at Crested Butte Mountain Resort to allow snow bike enthusiasts to enjoy riding and exploring our mountain. The licensing program has been set up to assure snow bike users are properly trained in utilizing snow bikes, loading – riding – unloading chairlifts and are aware of the areas on the mountain that are closed to snow bikes.

All snow bike users are required to take a 2 hour licensing lesson to be approved to snow bike on Crested Butte Mountain Resort. During this time guests will be trained on how to load, ride and unload lifts properly with snow bikes. They will also be evaluated to assure they are able to control the snow bike. Lastly, the snow bike guide will take them on a tour of the mountain to review areas that are closed to snow bikes, preferred routes and general safety guidelines while enjoying the mountain.

Snow bikers licensed from another resort:
Guests that have already been through a licensing program from another resort are not required to take the 2 hour licensing program. However they will be asked to sit down with one of our snow bike instructors and review CBMR Snow bike procedures, review approved terrain and last review chairlift riding procedures. At this point they will be issued a snow bike licenses at the season pass office.

For reservations and more information, please call 1.800.444.9236

2 Hour Licensing Program

Available Daily at 10:00 AM

Regular Season $110.00
Peak Season $120.00

*Currently, snow bikes are not available to rent through Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Snow bikers will need to provide their own equipment while visiting the resort.

Approved Lifts for Snow Bikes:

Snow Bikers have access to all lifts excluding the Silver Queen, Twister Lift, High Lift T-Bar and North Face T-Bar. All snow bike users are required to have a safety lanyard attached to their bike and chair back while riding the chair lift. Both Type 1 and Type 2 bikes are allowed access on CBMR. A Type 1 snow bike is one that the guest uses snow blades on their feet while riding. A Type 2 bike is a snow bike that has pegs that the user rests their feet on while snow biking, no sliding device is attached to the users feet.

Runs Restricted From Snow Biking:

All runs off of the top of the Silver Queen and Twister lifts are closed to snow biking as well as all Black and Double Black Diamonds. When unloading from the Paradise lift; snow bikers are not allowed to travel down Ruby Road; they must unload to the left. The only approved run from the top of Paradise is Paradise Bowl. All runs between the start of Ruby Road at the top of Paradise lift and International are closed to snow bikes. If snow bikers are trying to get back to the base area from Paradise they can access all routes below Yellow Brick Road. Snow Bikes are not allowed in any of CBMR’s Terrain Parks. Once snow bikers are finished with the licensing program the guide will take them to the pass office where they will be issued a Snow Bike License as an identification card to be able to use snow bikes on Crested Butte Mt. Resort. This license will need to be on you while snow biking at CBMR. This license does not expire and is non-transferable.


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