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Winter Mountain Manners

Winter Mountain Manners

CBMR is proud to partner with Mountain Manners, a local educational campaign and advocacy group focused on teaching recreators proper outdoor etiquette. The initiative began as an education campaign surrounding Crested Butte’s famed Wildflower Festival, and the resort felt the message was just as important for winter. 

Enjoy these fun, memorable tips aimed at helping everyone remember it’s cool to be kind. We invite you to come and use our inbound mountain terrain, learn Mountain Manners and pass it on, so we can help do our part to protect what’s in- and out-of-bounds.

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It’s Okay to Follow the Beaten Path

We ask that you take the road most traveled — even though Robert Frost might be disappointed. Stay within the ski resort boundaries and on designated trails. Please refrain from cutting ropes and putting your safety – and the safety of others – at risk. In CBMR’s Extreme Terrain, some areas are restricted from use because of terrain traps and avalanche danger.  Throughout the resort we are dedicated to preventing harmful erosion and irreversible damage to vegetation and sensitive terrain by helping to guide traffic around these fragile locations. We want to protect the land so we can enjoy it for generations to come. 

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Scoop the Poop

No. 2 is becoming our No. 1 issue. You’re welcome to bring your dog uphill skiing (before 9 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m.; dogs must be kept on a leash or under verbal control), but please remember to pack everything out — including Daisy’s doo doo. Just like you’d never want to step it in it, no one wants to ski through it either. Note: placing the poop in a doggie bag and leaving it on the edge of a trail doesn’t qualify as “picking up.”

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Speak Up

If you see someone not minding their manners, don’t be scared to start a respectful conversation. Help out your fellow outdoorswomen and men by politely reminding them why mountain etiquette is the way to go. Remember, we’re all learning. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new skiing buddy!

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Cache the Car

Road degradation, fumes from vehicles, and noise pollution all put stress on the environment. Instead try to walk, pedal, or take the painted buses to get from here to there. In the Gunnison Valley it’s cool to be out of a vehicle. Instead of driving, hop on a free Mountain Express bus to get between the resort and the historic Town of Crested Butte. Or take advantage of the free RTA bus that runs between Gunnison and CBMR. You won’t have to worry about parking, either.

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Use the Rule of Thumb

It’s fairly likely you might spot a fox, coyote, deer or elk when visiting Crested Butte Mountain Resort. When there's an animal in the distance, are you far enough away so you can close one eye and cover the entire creature with your thumb? If not, you’re too close! Keep a safe distance from wildlife to ensure the safety and happiness of both parties.

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Be a Good Role Model

Be the good, in life as well as on the slopes. Be a good role model on the slopes by going slow in the slow zones, merging correctly at the lift line (alternate!), yielding to the downhill skier and letting people know which way you’re heading when you get off the lift so as to prevent collisions. Observe all posted signs and warnings. If someone falls near you, check to make sure they’re OK and consider helping him or her retrieve that wayward pole, ski or mitten. For the “Know Your Responsibility Code,” visit

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Put Smiles in Everyone’s Miles

Be kind and courteous to all on the trail, even those who aren’t necessarily minding their manners! Flash those pearly whites and don’t hesitate to start a friendly conversation. You can make a marked difference in someone’s day just by being kind. Diffuse skier or rider rage with a big smile and a kind word. 

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Gather Garbage for Good

Get rid of litter even when it isn’t yours! Trashy areas make for poor pictures and an unhealthy ecosystem. Remember, food trash is litter too! Pack out your fruit peels and eggshells (and don't give the marmots a stomachache). Who knows? Others may just follow your lead and do the same. CBMR has trash and recycling receptacles at the top or bottom of all lifts, at all on-mountain lodges and conveniently located throughout the ski area base. 

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Reduce Your Footprint, Wherever You Lay Your Head

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should forget your environmental manners. No matter if you’re visiting or if you’re lucky enough to live here, do your part to reduce your footprint wherever you lay your head. Turn off lights, lower the heat when you’re away from your room, switch off your fireplace when you’re done, and conserve water as much as possible — while showering, brushing your teeth and by reusing your towels for the duration of your stay. Most hotels have posted protocols in guest rooms or at the front desks with friendly tips to help you reduce and reuse. 

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Don’t Mess With (Mother) Nature 

Help keep this area pristine. We ask that you don’t take nature with you and that you don’t alter the landscape for your own pleasure. This means no new jumps in the trees, building shelters from deadfall (or worse, live trees), constructing snow caves, putting pinecones in pockets or altering the landscape in any way.