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Weekly CBMR Forecast

By Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

Weekly Forecast: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The rest of this week looks sunny and dry, so look forward to bluebird ski days!  We might see a flake or two tonight (Wednesday night) and into the morning hours, but it looks unlikely at this point. It’s warm during the day, and nice and cold for snowmaking at night. Looks to get into the 30’s on the mountain with single digits at night, a bit warmer than usual this time of year.

That said, there is one disturbance I’m keeping an eye on this weekend that may bring snow back to the area.

A quick-moving storm drops by Colorado on Saturday, and that’ll bring us our best chance for snow this week. Right now, this doesn’t look to be overly promising, but it’ll come just in time for the weekend! We may wake up to a bit of snow on Sunday morning to help add some fresh powder to the slopes.

A bit of a behind the scenes look at the forecast:

Have you always dreamt of a map with a bunch of tiny arrows? If so, you’re in luck! Take a look below, and notice where most of those arrows are pointing, especially in some of the white areas.

They’re mostly pointing downward, so the winds here are mainly coming out of the north. That’ll probably impact our accumulations somewhat, but the main forecast models, for now, are showing a fair bit of that moisture sneaking through to us on Saturday and Saturday night.

This may end up being an under producing weather event, as it’s a storm coming in from the north, which can lead to other mountains ‘eating up’ the snow before it reaches us. That said, I’m thinking we’ll see some snow in here. There’s decent moisture with this storm, and the models are pretty bullish on this, and have been for a few days. Here’s one model’s (GFS, the American model) interpretation of what’s headed our way Saturday night:

I’ll go with 1-3” on the mountain – not a ton, but if it comes, it’d be ideally timed! Sunday morning skiers? You’re hopefully looking at least some fresh powder to whip around on!

Best yet, it’ll be done by the time you drive home on Sunday, so no worries about that drive on 285 on Friday or Sunday afternoon/evening!

And at the very least, the reinforcing shot of cooler air should make for fantastic snowmaking weather into next week as we progress to anticipating having 13 of 15 lifts open for Christmas week.  Read more on our blog here

Long term

The week after looks to return to the big ‘ridge’ pattern across the West, which will keep us sunny and mild during the day, but cold enough for snowmaking at night. Look for next week, following this first weekend storm system, to be dry and warm.

Want a bit of a really fun stretch? One forecast model, the American GFS, is trying to show some Christmas snow on our slopes.

Before you look at this map: a meteorological disclaimer. This is a long way out and take it with a HUGE grain of salt! Models have a really tough time with anything beyond 7-8 days (and often before that), so one model’s depiction is probably going to be off by a good chunk, but this particular model has been showing this for a few days now, and it’s indeed a beautiful sight.

Now wouldn’t that be fun? 

Perhaps the takeaway here is there are some signs this pattern starts to break down by the end of the month, but we’re going to have to wait on see even on this. Break out those snow dances but know we still plan on having 8 lifts spinning this weekend and 13 for Christmas week

So fingers crossed for some snow at least this weekend, but at least temperatures get down plenty enough for plenty of snowmaking, and its bluebird days well into next week. Come by and visit!

-Meteorologist Chris Bianchi