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Uley's Cabin + Sleigh Ride Dinners

Elevate Your Dining Experience!

Lunch: 11 AM – Last Seating 2:15 PM

Lunch at Uley's Cabin is for those skiers and riders who want both fine dining and a casual experience for their afternoon pause before heading back out on the slopes. Take a break from the slopes, lounge on our patio or on the couch by our fireplace, and toss a couple cocktails back while enjoying the incredible view and casual, yet delicious food Uley's is known for. 

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Guests meet in Tracker's Bar and Lounge on the first floor of The Lodge at Mountaineer Square at 5 PM for a 5:30 PM departure. Reservations required. Additional sleigh departures available for special events. Dinner includes the five course prix fixe dinner and the scenic sleigh ride for $120 per person; alcoholic beverages, tax and gratuity are additional. For a history of Uley's Cabin, click here.

The Uley’s Sleigh Ride dinner at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, offered Wednesday through Saturday, is both a fine dining experience and a mountain adventure. The beauty of this particular adventure, is it’s accessible to all ages, skiers or not. It allows people that don’t ski or ride the opportunity to see the mountain in winter, an opportunity many non-skiers aren’t afforded. 

Cozy blankets await you on the sleigh, and as it chugs up the mountain, the snowy trees illuminated by alpenglow and the headlights of the snowcat is reminiscent of being in a snow globe. Your destination is a warmly lit cabin in the woods, built in memory of Uley Sheer, a miner, moonshiner and mountain man to boot, who eked out a life in a small cabin on Forest Hill. Though his residence was a quaint 6 X 8 foot cabin, your digs for the evening is something much finer—a large cozy cabin warmed by a proper fire, trimmed with décor reminiscent of the life Uley lead in the woods.

The entire meal has a French-American theme, styled after Uley himself but with an elevated flair, making each course unique, yet familiar. Familiar in that the cuisine is definitively Colorado, evocative of the valley in which you’ll be dining. We invite you to experience something that is both adventurous, yet comforting. A true mountain past time: enjoying an incredible meal with loved ones as the fire crackles inside a cabin tucked into the trees, and the snow comes down. Welcome to Crested Butte. 

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Uley's Cabin and Ice Bar

Uley's Cabin and Ice Bar

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