Evolution Bike Park

Evolution Bike Park
Crested Butte is known for some of the best mountain biking in the world. Take advantage of the chairlifts to access the network of trails suitable for all abilities.


Multi-use Trails
Open to biking and hiking 

Warming House (Easiest)
Start your day here and follow this trail out of the base area to gain access to the network of singletrack trails.

Painter Boy
This longtime Crested Butte favorite takes you through fields of wildflowers and beautiful stands of aspen trees. 

Primer (Easiest)
Rolling singletrack trail that is a great warm up from the top of the Red Lady and will lead riders to Painterboy, Awakening, Meander, Columbine and Woods trail.  For uphill travel this trail provides access to the top of the Bike Park and Upper Westside, Luge, Frequency, Timeline, Avery and Psycho Rocks.

Meander (Intermediate)
The name says it all.  Meander your way through a beautiful mountain landscape on excellent single track that overlooks the East River valley.  Follow Gothic Road back to the base or climb up Prospector to the top of Painter Boy.

Prospector (Intermediate)
Enjoy over two miles of awesome singletrack that winds through alpine meadows and pine forest. This intermediate singletrack takes you to Gothic Rd where you can pedal back to the base area or use it to link with Meander or Snodgrass.

Columbine (Intermediate)
Wind your way up Columbine Hill through grassy meadows and Aspen forest.  From the top of Columbine trail connect Painterboy to Primer, finishing on Westside for a longer loop, or explore one of the many other great options back to the base area.

Upper Westside – Westside – Lower Westside (Advanced)
This trail is classic Rocky Mountain singletrack.  From the top of the Red Lady chair this trail is a great descent that still involves some pedaling.  The upper portions of this trail are rocky and move through beautiful conifer forest.  The landscape transitions to Aspen forest as the trail begins to smooth out.  Lower Westside moves through open meadows on smooth fast trail.  Climbing this trail from the base area will test your fitness and technical skills.  This is also a great hiking trail that will get you away from most of the traffic on the mountain and provide beautiful scenery.

Downhill Designated Trails
Downhill Biking Only

Awakening (Easiest)
Opened in 2011 this trail will introduce riders to trail design common on downhill designated areas.  Wide rolling trail with berms that guide riders through open meadow and Aspen forest.  

Luge (Intermediate)
Inspired by CBMR’s own Adaptive Sport Center hand cyclists, Luge is a wider gravity assisted  trail that flows through moderate terrain featuring man made berms and rollers.

(Advanced Intermediate)
A new trail that just opened in July of 2012.  A great trail for intermediate riders to become more comfortable in the air.  Lots of mid size jumps connected by fun natural terrain and berming. 

Timeline (Advanced)
The most traveled trail in the Evolution Bike Park.  Fast flowing trail with a number of large obstacles that can be rolled or jumped.    

Wood’s Trail (Advanced)
A smooth gravity fed trail with dirt and wood obstacles throughout, highlighted by 2 large wooden berms midway through the descent and finishes with a train of mid-size jumps!  Ride Primer or Upper Luge and then pedal out through the upper section of Painter Boy to access this trail.  This is a downhill only trail that requires riding Gothic Road back to the base area.

Avery (Advanced)
Avery is the Downhill race course for the annual Wildflower Rush.   Avery throws a little of everything your way as you descend through pine forest, rock gardens, fast open terrain, and jumps.  

Psycho Rocks (Expert)
Begin on Avery and head left shortly from the start. Psycho Rocks is the most technical trail at the resort.  It starts with a series of technical features and then fast and flowing until you hit Psycho Rocks where you must be prepared to select lines through massive boulders and extensive bridging.

Trail Designations

Gentle climbs and descents perfect for beginner mountain bikers or as a warm up to the day.  Enjoy gradual grades and fun rollers; rocks, gravel, roots and bridges may be encountered.

More challenging terrain featuring steeper slopes and narrow single-track with natural and man-made obstacles.  Previous mountain biking experience highly recommended.

These trails have a mixture of long steep climbs and descents, loose trail surface, numerous man-made obstacles including jumps, ramps, elevated features, berms, drops, rocks and other terrain variations.

Without exception, expert mountain bikers with extensive downhill mountain biking experience should be the only riders on this trail.  Features encountered will be steeper, larger, more difficult and of higher consequence than advanced level trails. 

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