Hike to the summit of Crested Butte Mountain or just take a stroll through aspens and wildflower soaked meadows. No matter what you decide, the views of the Elk Mountain Range are spectacular and the air is pristine.  Crested Butte Mountain Resort offers a few options for guided hikes.

Guided Adventure Hike
Ride to the top of the Red Lady lift for an exciting hiking adventure on the majestic Crested Butte Mountain.  This meandering and mostly downhill hike, passes through beautiful wildflowers, aspen and evergreen groves.  Guides will be discussing many fascinating environmental features of these elegant areas, and other areas around Crested Butte. Offered at 10a.m. and 2p.m, $47.00
Family Adventure Guided Hike $175 (up to 5 people)

Summit Hike
Ride to the top of the Silver Queen Lift to explore the wonders of a fragile high-alpine environment and venture to the summit of the famed Crested Butte Mountain.  This moderately difficult hike passes through areas of unique animals, alpine plants, scree and talus fields. Guides will share the wonders of this special environment area, and other areas around Crested Butte. Offered at 10a.m, $47.00
Family Summit Guided Hike $175 (up to 5 people)

Wildflowers of Crested Butte Mountain Resort
Offered Saturdays & Sundays. Take the lift for a 1 mile tour led by an experience Wildflower Festival Guide. Call for availability. Starting at $45/person.

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