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Vinotok Fall Harvest Festival

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Crested Butte Vinotok Fall Harvest Festival

Vinotok Fall Harvest Festival

September 23, 2017 5:00 pm

Vinotok, a storytelling and fall harvest festival with ancient roots, is a long-standing annual event in Crested Butte.  A celebration that takes place on the autumnal equinox, which is the Pagan rite of Thanksgiving, is also known as “Harvest Home” or Mabon.  It’s a celebration for the abundance of harvest, a time meant for us to give thanks through song, dance and feasts, which culminates on Saturday night with the trial and burning of the Grump.

5:00 – 7:30 pm Cast and crew of Vinotok produces a mini-theatre inside Elk Avenue Restaurants to invite people to the performance of the trial.

7:30 pm  Trial of the Grump- The community puts the Grump on trial with harvest maiden dances, and a play of the Harvest Mother, Dragon, Knight and Green Man. The performance is amplified and lit so the community can hear and see the tale on the temporary stage in front of the Eldo.

8:30 pm  Procession and Bonfire- The cast and crew lead the community down Elk Avenue, Grump in tow, to meet his demise. The bonfire and burning of the Grump will begin at approximately 8:30 pm and put out by 10:30 pm.