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Crested Butte Donation Day

Donation Day

November 22, 2017 All day

Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) is excited to partner with the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation (CBSF) for the second annual Donation Day prior to the ski resort’s official opening. On November 22, 2017 the resort will be collecting a $15 donation for a lift ticket, valid for that Wednesday only. 100% of the proceeds from this Donation Day will go to the CBSF and help fund their mission of “supporting the youth in the Gunnison Valley in their pursuits of sportsmanship, passion, and discipline through snow sport experiences." 


“We have seen similar donation concepts at a few of other resorts in Colorado and across the country,” explains Ethan Mueller, president of Crested Butte Mountain Resort. “After offering Ski Free for a number of years, we thought we should make a greater impact to our community by charging everyone a nominal fee to ski and ride on this day and then give back to a great local organization that is in line with our company values by getting more kids in our valley on the slopes and out on the Nordic trails.”

CBMR is modeling their Donation Day after similar programs, where they will collect a donation from everyone who skis and rides that day; season passes will not be valid. The one exception is everyone ages 6 and under will ski free, as they always do at the resort. CBSF supporters will be helping CBMR staff sell tickets and giving thanks to all who come up to support Donation Day.

As stated in all 2017-2018 season pass messaging, passes will be valid beginning November 23, 2017. 

“There is an immediate and profound impact that this Donation Day will have on the Foundation and our partner programs, the CB Mountain Sports Team, CB Nordic Team, Gunnison Nordic Team, Western Mountain Sports Team and the Gunnison Valley public schools,” describes Kate King, executive director of the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation. “Donation Day proceeds will allow the Foundation to continue to change lives through snow sport experiences. CBSF is extremely grateful to CBMR for creating such a day and we look forward to partnering this year and years to come.”

“What the Snowsports Foundation offers the kids in this valley is outstanding,” states Erica Mueller, director of innovation and relations. “As someone who competed on the world stage in alpine snowboarding for a number of years, I know the impact and growth kids can realize by pursuing athletic endeavors. I learned more about myself and my ability to overcome both physical and mental challenges I never thought possible. I truly hope we can inspire more kids in the Gunnison Valley to partake in the great programs in the valley and push themselves to new heights.”