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Keep It Butte-Iful

Summer Mountain Manners

Mountain Manners' stewardship campaign focuses on making responsible recreation relatable for all audiences, easy to remember, and eye appealing. This makes outdoor etiquette useful for the diverse populations that visit the Gunnison Valley. Additionally, Mountain Manners is creating the Peak Protector Program. This portion of our project will train local citizens to educate recreators so they can enlist their help in protecting our public lands while on the trails. 

  1. It’s okay to follow the beaten path 
  2. Scoop the poop!
  3. Speak up! 
  4. Cache the car
  5. Use the rule of thumb
  6. Be a good “roll” model
  7. Put smiles in everyone’s miles
  8. Gather garbage for good
  9. Tent where it’s meant
  10. Flowers have powers when left on their towers 

Winter Mountain Manners

CBMR is proud to partner with Mountain Manners, a local educational campaign and advocacy group focused on teaching recreators proper outdoor etiquette. The initiative began as an education campaign surrounding Crested Butte’s famed Wildflower Festival, and the resort felt the message was just as important for winter. 

  1. It's Okay to Follow the Beaten Path
  2. Scoop the Poop
  3. Speak Up
  4. Cache the Car
  5. Use the Rule of Thumb
  6. Be a Good Role Model
  7. Put Smiles in Everyone's Miles
  8. Gather Garbage for Good
  9. Reduce Your Footprint, Wherever You Lay Your Head
  10. Don't Mess With (Mother) Nature

Greenhouse Gas Management

We at Crested Butte Mountain Resort want, need, rely upon, and love cold winters and copious amounts of regularly refreshed deep powder…the more the better! As such, we fully recognize the impact that climate change is likely to have on the ski industry, and we are committed to doing our part to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2008, CBMR has reduced our Mountain Operations greenhouse gas emissions by 14%. This reduction has been accomplished largely through energy efficient equipment upgrades and energy conservation outreach efforts. Moving forward, we hope to work closely with with Gunnison County and our local electricity provider to help source a greater portion of our electricity from renewable, non-greenhouse gas emitting, resources.  

Waste Management

In 2008 Crested Butte Mountain Resort initiated a resort-wide recycling program. Initially, CBMR’s “Green Team” collected recyclables from all over the resort then manually sorted, loaded and hauled these recyclables to the county’s only recycling center, located in Gunnison. Recognizing the time and logistical challenges involved in this new program, we worked diligently with a local waste management start-up to establish a recycling transfer agreement. Shortly thereafter, we increased our recycling capacity by purchasing an industrial cardboard compactor and a commercial grade, compartmentalized, recycling collector. Then we outfitted the entire resort with new, easily identifiable, recycling bins. Most recently, we have been able to switch to a co-mingled recycling program, wherein all glass, aluminum, tin and plastic can be housed in singular collection bins. As a result, our recycling program is now much easier, much more efficient, and, much more effective than ever before. And, we are now able to recycle over 50% of the waste generated at the resort.