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Every Action Counts

Every Action Counts

Guerilla Composting

In an effort to reduce landfill waste and support a local Gunnison Valley organization, Crested Butte Mountain Resort entered into a pilot program with Guerrilla Composting in September 2017. Guerilla Composting works to divert organic materials from our local landfill, compost them and return them to local gardens and residential landscapes as topsoil.  As such, food prep waste created in kitchens across CBMR are now collected, composted, and eventually cycled back into CBMR’s landscaping. This pilot program is currently dedicated to the back of house food waste only. Compostable items include all food waste items (except meat) plus paper towels, coffee filters and coffee grinds! Crested Butte Mountain Resort is dedicated reducing the amount of compostable waste sent to our landfill and to supporting our community’s soils and green spaces. In 2018, CBMR was able to divert 6,000 pounds of organic material to composting instead of the landfill. The program was so successful that the mountain is adding two more restaurant outlets to the program. 

Culinary Efforts

The CBMR culinary department continues to come up with new ways to help our restaurants reduce their environmental impact. Improvements have included a pilot composting program and most recently two new high-efficiency, low temperature dishwashers were installed. One is located in the Butte 66 Roadhouse Bar & Grille and the other in Uley’s Cabin.

In addition CBMR recently expanded the tap system at the Paradise Bar located mid-mountain. Based upon the 2016-17 season’s sales, CBMR expects to reduce our purchase of bottled beer by at least 381 cases (9,144 bottles). Remember if you love your planet, choose a beer from one of our on-mountain taps.

The outlets are also using a majority of post consumer or compostable products for serving and packaging food. 


In June of 2018 Crested Butte Mountain Resort employees and the US Forest Service worked together to plant 600 new Engelmann Spruce trees in the Double Top Glades. This years planting along with last year brings the total to 1200 trees planted. This reforestation project is expected to help promote forest diversity, stimulate stand succession and help ensure our forest’s long term health and durability.

WSCM MEM is working on a comprehensive vegetation plan for CBMR. 

Snowmaking Grant

In 2010, CBMR was awarded an NSAA Sustainable Slopes grant for 10 new HKD SV-10 snowmaking towers. These new snowmaking towers have greatly improved our ability to produce more snow while using less energy and water.  As a result, we have been able to improve early season snowmaking coverage (thereby improving guest experience) while still reducing energy and water consumption.

Electric Bikes

Also in 2010, CMBR was awarded a grant from NSAA and Clif Bar to purchase an electric bicycle for use by our Property Management division. Property Management manages over 200 properties in a 2-mile radius around the resort.  Previously this group used pickup trucks for all tasks conducted amongst these properties, even for the smallest trips (think changing light bulbs and delivering toiletries.) The introduction of the electric bike helped to reduce vehicle use by 5000-7000 miles each year, thereby cutting gasoline consumption by nearly 10% each year. 

Water Bottle Fill Stations

Throughout the resort CBMR replaced every water fountain with a water bottle fill station making it easier to conserve water and help reduce plastic bottle waste in the environment.  

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

During the summer of 2017 we installed 16 new electric vehicle chargers courtesy of Tesla Motors. Ten chargers are located in the parking garage of the Lodge at Mountain Square (LMS) and six are located on the Grand Lodge parking structure. Of the ten in the LMS parking garage, six are Tesla specific chargers and four are universal chargers. Of the six on top of the Grand Lodge parking structure, four are Tesla specific chargers and two are universal chargers. These chargers are designed to fully charge an electric vehicle in 6 to 8 hours.

The chargers are an amenity included your stay at our lodging facilities.  Guests not staying in our lodging facilities may also utilize these chargers, dependent upon availability.  Just ask the front desk attendant at the Grand Lodge or the Lodge at Mountaineer Square before you plug in!