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Get the inside scoop of everything Crested Butte from a local’s perspective. 

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Words by Jake Burchmore


As a skier, I try to be consciously aware about my impact on the environment and the land we use to ski or ride. Our beloved mountains should be treated with utmost respect. By choosing the zero waste lifestyle, we can live in a healthier environment and give Mother Nature the respect she deserves. Our choices and behaviors are vital when it comes to our impact through generating waste. Moreover, diverting waste to the right places is also important for adopting this lifestyle and maintaining your practices. In 2008, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (...

This Week In The Butte March 19, 2018

This Week In The Butte March 19, 2018

It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous and fun Spring in Crested Butte. This week is no exception with amazing on-mountain experiences, adventurous races and live music to experience everything Crested Butte has to offer. 

Sunset Soiree I March 20 
Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soiree. Event tickets are for sale in advance online or at the Adventure Center for $60 per person and includes dinner with charcuterie, fondue, chili, paninis...

Training for the Grand Traverse

Training for the Grand Traverse

It’s coming up on two weeks until the Grand Traverse, and Niles and I are getting excited. And maybe a little nervous. We’re eager for snow, hoping for a traverse, and praying the temperatures stay around fifteen to twenty degrees overnight. I mean, let’s be honest here. Who really wants to traverse forty miles of backcountry at night with frost-nipped fingers? In our last post, Niles introduced ourselves as twin brothers who work on the resort and spend fifty percent of our time training for ski-mountaineering races. As new ski-mountaineers, we still have many skills to learn, but I...

Tucker jumping in Teo Bowl.

Balancing School and Skiing with CBMR Athlete Tucker Vollbrecht

The sound of an alarm clock at 6:30AM comes as a surprise every time. In a sleepy daze it is tough to decipher if the alarm is going off so I wake up for class or get to the mountain on time. As a college student competing in the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) series, it’s fun to balance the two, although much more fun when I realize the alarm is because snow was forecasted to fall overnight.  

Balancing out competitive freeride skiing and academics can be tough at times. My school, Western State Colorado University (WSCU), has...

Epic Pass

Epic Pass Partnership Announcement

Dear Crested Butte Mountain Resort Community:

Crested Butte Mountain Resort is excited to announce our partnership with Vail Resort’s Epic Pass beginning with the 2018-2019 winter season.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort has entered into a new, multi-year winter season pass alliance with Vail Resorts. Crested Butte Peak Pass and Peak Pass Plus holders will receive unlimited 50% off daily lift tickets at all Vail Resorts-owned mountain resorts throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. This benefit does not extend to Vail’s partner resorts such as Arapahoe Basin and Telluride....

Couple walking in downtown Crested Butte

Tips and Tricks for a Night out in Crested Butte

Wondering what to do, where to go and how to make the most of your vacation in Crested Butte? Besides skiing or riding, there are several go-to activities and restaurants to visit while you’re here. We asked a couple of Crested Butte locals to suggest some personal tips and tricks for a night out. Read more to maximize your stay and blend in like a local.

$1 Slices at 3 pm

When we asked longtime local, Nick Catmur, about what to do outside of skiing, he suggests starting your evening at the Brown Lab for après ski and $1 pizza slices after 3 pm.


2018 Spring Break in the Butte

Crested Butte Spring Break Round-Up

Nothing beats spring in Crested Butte. With a pep in our step, we whole heartedly welcome warmer days, soft turns, and patio beverages. With Spring Break around the corner we rounded-up some of the awesome activities, wacky costume events, creative outlets, and concerts, so you can squeeze every drop of Crested Butte spring goodness out of your getaway.

Music in the Butte

CB Unplugged I March 17
Check out the best FREE après concert on the mountain! On March 17 we welcome Chali 2na and The House of...

Shred Salutations

Shred Salutations

Words by CBMR Athlete, Rob Vandervoort


I believe yoga is the single most effective form of snowboard conditioning. When I can dedicate enough time in my life to do at least a little bit of yoga each day, it helps reduce any back and neck pain and it makes me feel strong and athletic. Lastly, it gives me a sense of calm in life.

Yoga builds physical strength, especially in the core, hips and legs (great for snowboarding). Even more significant may be the mental strength that yoga encourages; it offers a moment to slow down from everyday life and let everything go. It...

This Week In the Butte March 5 2018

This Week In the Butte March 5 2018

We have headed into March with exciting events and music! This week experience the magic of pairing food and wine, the musical phenomenon known as “looping”, or about the incredible history of Crested Butte!

Women’s Tips on Tuesdays I March 6
Come ski with like-minded women to get some ski tips, followed by tipping a glass of wine at our Umbrella Bar. This is a women’s specific session, which is guided by our top women pros. Sessions will go from 1:30 - 3:30 pm and will conclude with an après...

The Other Apres Ritual

The Other Apres Ritual

There’s nothing more rewarding, exhilarating and potentially exhausting then a day spent skiing or snowboarding. With 95 runs and 77% of terrain open, Crested Butte Mountain Resort is the ideal spot to spend all day out on the mountain.

The rush and reward of a day spent skiing is indisputable, but so is the work your muscles put in. A day on the mountain often calls for rewarding your taste buds with an après drink, but you should also reward your body with an après ski massage. Your quads, calves, glutes and back go through a tremendous workout while skiing and there’s no better...

A Novice's Experience: CBMR's Uphill Daytime Route

A Novice's Experience: CBMR's Uphill Daytime Route

I have been on the hunt for unique on-mountain experiences since I moved to Crested Butte. After doing some research, I found out that Daytime Uphill Routes are not common at a lot of ski areas and I wanted to see what CBMR’s was all about. An Uphill Route is a path you can skin or snowshoe on the mountain during the day (it is counter intuitive since there are lifts running that will swiftly take you to the top). But I decided to strap on my snowshoes and complete the Uphill Daytime Route to experience the exhilaration of something new!

First the disclaimers:

1. I am not in...

Full Moon Party

This Week In the Butte February 26 2018

Crested Butte Mountain Resort is rounding out February and entering March with several exciting events. Experience a full moon on the mountain with the Full Moon Party, watch talented riders and skiers at the Boardercross competition and check out CRAFTED the winter food and drink experience! 

Women's Tips on Tuesdays I February 27
Come ski with like-minded women to get some ski tips, followed by tipping a glass of wine at our Umbrella Bar. This is a women’s specific session, which is guided by our...

Avy Dog

Behind the Scenes: Life of an Avy Dog


Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an Avalanche Dog is like? We caught up with one of Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s fully trained Avalanche dogs, Guinness and his handler, Bill. Guinness is two year old chocolate Labrador retriever who works at Crested Butte Mountain Resort but, just like humans, he doesn’t work 24/7. While he’s not working, he’s a well-loved family pet. 

Guinness’s training starts with obedience training and playing tug a war, which they call ragging. This quickly became one of the most fun things in the world to him. Once that happened,...

Young Ski Racers Descend Upon Crested Butte for the 34th Annual Prater Cup

Words by CBMR Athlete, Ashley Bembenek.

This weekend young ski racers from all over Colorado will come to Crested Butte to race in the Prater Cup. The race typically brings a few things- first and foremost snow! It seems that wherever race departments set up miles of B-netting (orange safety fencing used to intercept racers if they crash), the skies open and the snow falls. Fingers-crossed, this week’s forecast looks promising for some fresh snow!

Second, the Prater Cup brings back fond memories of growing up as a ski racer. As a kid, I spent my evenings and weekends...

This Week In the Butte February 19 2018

This Week In the Butte February 19 2018

This week is all about the need for speed and unique adventure. Crested Butte Mountain Resort is excited to host the Prater Cup Speed Camp and Prater Cup. Plus, reserve your spot at the always adventurous Wednesday’s with Wendy or the Gothic Mountain Tour. 

Prater Cup Speed Camp I February 19 - 21
This camp is designed as a 3 day speed progression for CBMST and U14 athletes. It is intended to progress athletes by familiarizing them with speed elements such as jumping, gliding, speed adaption,...

bury the butte


Here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort we are celebrating every storm that drops 6 or more inches this winter in our quest to #burythebutte! 

The celebration starts with free #burythebutte hats to the first 20 skiers in line at the Silver Queen Express! We are also giving away CBMR stickers to people in line on those snowy days! Look for additional #burythebutte promotions throughout the winter season! 

You can help spread the stoke by sharing photos, buying a friend a coffee or beer, or offering a friendly smile to your fellow powder hounds. 

We are grateful for powder...

The Perfect Couple's Retreat to Crested Butte

The Perfect Couple's Retreat to Crested Butte

The landscapes in Crested Butte are breath-taking and can be extra special when enjoying a romantic day with your significant other. Whether you like to get outside and adventure or snuggle up in a cozy historical cabin (or both!) this list will give some inspiration for planning the perfect date to take someone's breath away. 

There's nothing better than being outside and soaking in all the beauty around Crested Butte except to experience that beauty together. The giant snowcapped mountains will make you feel small, yet closer than ever. Spending a day skiing Crested Butte Mountain...

This Week In the Butte February 12 2018

This Week In the Butte February 12 2018

Don't miss several must attend events this week. From Wednesday's with Wendy to the 36th Annual Attitude Adjustment Party hosted by CBMR Ski Patrol (this is a must do) - you can keep busy on and off the mountian all week! 

Women’s Tips on Tuesdays I February 13
Come ski with like-minded women to get some ski tips, followed by tipping a glass of wine at our Umbrella Bar. This is a women’s specific session, which is guided by our top women pros. Sessions will go from 1:30 - 3:30 pm and will conclude...

Activity Highlight: Wednesday's with Wendy

Activity Highlight: Wednesday's with Wendy

One of Crested Butte’s most unique activities is the opportunity to ski and learn from local acclaimed skier Wendy Fisher. Wendy is not only an accomplished skier and freeskiing expert, she hosts monthly Wednesdays with Wendy ski clinics at Crested Butte Mountain Resort to help intermediate and advanced skiers excel on her home mountain. 

Good news is that you don’t have to ski as great as Wendy to learn from one of the best skiers on the mountain and there are two separate learning options based upon ability level (intermediate and advanced skiers). Beyond the learning you also...

Top 5 Reasons to Get Married in Crested Butte

1. Unparalleled Mountain Vistas

The beauty of getting married in the mountains is the timeless setting. Hold your ceremony tucked up against the Elk Mountains and let the natural landscape be the backdrop to your perfect day. Our majestic setting in the Colorado Rocky Mountains beside the 12,162 foot peak of Mt. Crested Butte offers a stunning place to tie the knot.   

2. Stunning Venues

Choose between a variety of outdoor settings for your ceremony and then bring the party inside as the sun starts to set. Our Ten Peaks venue offers...

This Week In the Butte February 5 2018

This Week In the Butte February 5 2018

The first full week of February is stacked with exciting events. Take a lesson in wine pairing or test your skills at the USASA Rail Jam (or come watch them fly through the air), plus the best apres music around with CB Unplugged featuring Tony Furtado! 

Women's Tips on Tuesdays I February 6
Come ski with like-minded women to get some ski tips, followed by tipping a glass of wine at our Umbrella Bar. This is a women’s specific session, which is guided by our top women pros. Sessions will go from 1:...

An Introduction to the Grand Traverse

An Introduction to the Grand Traverse

Last year was my first full year learning how to ski. After moving from Washington State I recall my first day on Mount Crested Butte – sliding down mellow Houston in alpine boots and E84 Rossignol skis with legs hunched in like a slice of pizza. A week later I tried my first blue run and did the splits in Paradise Bowl. And for months following I managed to turn through powder-filled bumps on Resurrection, slide down Headwall, ski the North Face, hike up Crested Butte mountain to ski off the peak, and skin up Mount Emmons to ski the bowl.

This is why my brother Cyrus and I moved...

This Week in the Butte January 29 2018

This Week in the Butte January 29 2018

January is closing out with a bang! Join us for the final gO Skimo Race or the Full Moon Party and experience a whole new side of the mountain. The end of the week is also stacked with awesome events including live music, bluegrass and bloodys, and drink and appetizer specials for the Big Game on Sunday! 

Women's Tips on Tuesday's I January 30
Come ski with like-minded women to get some ski tips, followed by tipping a glass of wine at our Umbrella Bar. This is a women’s specific session, which is...

Fat bike leaning up on wooden chairs with peak in background

Activity Highlight: Fat Biking

Crested Butte has long been known as a mountain biking capital of the United States – similar to Moab, UT, and Marin County, CA – but the two-wheeled fun doesn’t stop in the winter. As the snow piles up and the temperatures drop, over 40 miles of fat bike trails are “groomed” courtesy of the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, Crested Butte Nordic Center and other local affiliates.

Fat bikes are the funny looking mountain bikes that are equipped with tires that can exceed 3.5 inches in diameter. The wide tires combined with very low tire pressure (sub-10 PSI) allow for traction...

Why gO Up?

We've all heard the sayings 'what goes up must come down' and 'earn your turns' and heck even the latest from the CBMR Ski Patrol: 'skimo is neither'. However you slice it, ski mountaineering, or skimo for short, is gaining in popularity and we can't thank CBMR enough for their support in allowing us the pleasure of participating in one of the slowest sports on the planet—as oxymoronic as that may sound, it really is quite fun.

So let's talk about the facts. Newton's laws pertain to just about anything that defies the laws of gravity; therefore, to skin uphill requires you to also...