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Ziplining: Family Friendly Adventure

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Ziplining: Family Friendly Adventure

Zipline Crested Butte

Looking to connect with your family in an adrenaline inducing adventure kind of way? 

Then don’t miss out on a high-flying zipline tour. This awesome on-mountain activity combines the ease of walking out your door with zero gear + heart pounding excitement + family fun into two hours of fun.

We wanted to make sure you had all the information you need to make this experience one your will talk about around the dinner table for years to come.  

Tip 1: Prepare

When I arrived at the zipline hut, I felt a few butterflies flying around in my stomach. But, the awesome guides were quick to put to me at ease with an easy hello and relaxed demeanor. 

All of the other equipment was expertly laid out, with clear direction on how to put on the harness, tighten the straps, and secure your helmet. They also expertly explained how the gear works, safety features and how much weight it can safely hold (over 14,000 pounds – a statistic that helped me jump).

Tip 2: Trust

After a short walk to the start of the tour, we readied ourselves for the first jump. Again, the guides did an amazing job showing the team how the tour would work, what to expect, and how to be safe. They also let us know there’s a challenge with each jump. 

There’s a huge element of trust that is established within the first 10 minutes. Trust between you and the equipment, you and the guides and you and your team. 

Tip 3: Take a Chance

I’m not going to lie – that first step off the platform takes a good amount of courage. The guides let me know they’ve had anything from a young kid to a great-grandmother take the step off the first platform and that everyone made it out safely (and with a fun story). 

So I did (although my brain wanted me to do the opposite), and it was exhilarating. I’m so glad I took the chance to experience something new (plus the views are gorgeous). 

Tip 4: Breathe

I never quite mastered this one – but I did try. Whether it’s standing on the platform amongst the aspens, cheering on your team as they take the leap, or flying through the air yourself. Remember to try and breathe and take in this unique experience. 

Tip 5: Fun 

Have fun! It’s not every day you are on vacation with the people you love experiencing something new. The guides are awesome and will throw out platform challenges, laughter comes easily as you watch your Dad do a funny dance move in the air or your sister’s face as she lands on the platform, and you (as I was – stuck to the pole). 

The tours are available winter, summer and fall. If you decide ziplining is right for you and your family – call our friendly activity specialists at 844-374-2050 and reserve your tour!