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Why Mud Season Is Secretly the Best

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Why Mud Season Is Secretly the Best

Crested Butte Why Mud Season Is Secretly the Best

Wikipedia’s definition of Mud Season is “a term used to denote a time period in late winter and early spring. The name comes from dirt paths such as roads and hiking trails which become muddy from melting snow and rain.” For those of you who either live in Crested Butte year round, or those who have traveled here during the mud season, you know that it can be frustrating when all you want to do is go running, mountain biking or hiking. But mud season also has its advantages.

Although the springtime does mean muddy trails, it also means longer days. After the short days and long nights of the winter, having more daylight to go out and adventure can be very refreshing. Go out for a nice road bike ride after work, or sit out on one of the many patios around the town of Crested Butte and enjoy the sun warming your face. Pitas in Paradise has a great patio if you’re looking for some delicious food and a beer to enjoy with your sun!

The mud season is also often called the shoulder season, or the off season, as it is in-between the winter ski season and the summer mountain bike season. Being the off season, there are generally less crowds around town, on the trails (the trails that are dry, that is), and on the roads. It can be very nice to walk around on Elk Ave without bundles of people on every side of you, or out hiking in the peace and quiet. 

Along with fewer crowds comes some great deals, as shops are trying to sell the last of their winter gear. Most shops around town offer spring savings which can be a great opportunity for you to grab that piece of gear you’ve been keeping your eye on all season, or to stock up for next winter season. But the deals don’t stop at the shops around town, there’s also plenty of cheaper lodging to be found during the off season! If you’re looking to plan a trip to Crested Butte, but are traveling on a tight budget, look into traveling here during the spring time! Find greats deals at

Finally, the off season brings some great backcountry skiing. Maybe there is a line that you have been looking at all season, and now that it’s spring, it’s time to grab those skis and give ‘er a go! Crested Butte has plenty of terrain for you to explore, and the spring time opens up some whole new areas that, in general, are not accessible during the winter season. 

So, mud season is not so bad despite the daunting name. There are plenty of fun activities for you to enjoy. Just keep those trails in good shape and try not to ride or hike any trails if they are too muddy. After all, we still have the whole summer season to enjoy the trails and landscapes that this beautiful area has to offer!

- Ellen Patten