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What is Summer in Crested Butte?

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

What is Summer in Crested Butte?

Crested Butte What is Summer in Crested Butte?

Summer arrives slowly in the mountains.  The plants and flowers ease into the season, knowing full well it could be the beginning of June before their safe from another frost or snow storm.

At lower elevations, summer seems to spring to life in late April or early May, the trees begin to flower, and you’ll catch folks in flip flops and tank tops long before the snow really starts to melt in Crested Butte.  Spring time is coined as ‘seasonal confusion’ at higher elevations.

But seeing as though we are in the first week of June, and the temperatures have been hovering in the upper-sixties, I think it’s time to start thinking ‘summer.’

But what does summer really mean in the mountains?  In winter time, it’s easy to define what the season means here—its powder days and après ski beers and hot cocoa with friends, its warm fire places and cozying up with family. 

Summer time can mean a lot of different things, from vacations and road trips, to sprinklers in the grass and horseshoe pits.  But what about summer in Crested Butte?

The mountains open up, and dirt roads and trails emerge where snow banks were once piled high.  Crested Butte is no longer the town at the end of the road, but rather a junction between Highway 135 and a number of passes, trails, rivers, creeks and roads that lead into the hills and towards other small mountain towns.

Not just as a physical act of roaming about, but rather as self-exploration.  We find ourselves with nearly limitless kinds of adventures in the mountains.  From challenging yourself to try a new sport (rock climbing, mountain biking or SUP anyone?) to challenging your lungs and your legs up a mountain.  What will you try?

We might work hard here in Crested Butte, but we have the art of a slower pace nailed down.  We appreciate the calmness of Elk Avenue in the morning with our coffee.  We tend to linger on those immaculate bluebird days on a sunny patio, with a cold beverage and good friends.  And though you will find us cruising down single track on mountain bikes or on foot, we certainly don’t take the view or wildflowers for granted.  Indeed summer in Crested Butte is short, but we take our time with it and enjoy every last warm day.

Every day there’s a reason—or an event—to celebrate.  Whether Elk Avenue is shut down for the Crested Butte Arts Festival, or July 4th, or if it’s just a cloudless July day, there’s always something to celebrate, and plenty of folks to enjoy the occasion with you. 

Paradise Found
You haven’t experienced summer like this.  The valley greens up in a hurry after the snow finally melts off, and the wildflowers spring up not long after that.  When July comes around, we’re in full blown wildflower season and you’re liable to get lost in foliage that can be over head high.  There’s a reason we’re the wildflower capital of Colorado, but you should probably come to see why for yourself.

Short and sweet, summer in Crested Butte is the cherry on top of a really incredible cake.  It’s probably time you came to see for yourself.

—Cayla Vidmar