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Top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Trip to CB in August

Butte Buzz Winter

Top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Trip to CB in August

Crested Butte Trail Running

Cooler Days & Nights

While some parts of the country (as well as parts of Colorado) are still experiencing daily temps in the triple digits, Crested Butte remains on average, a comfortable 73 degrees in August. Leave the AC behind and head to Crested Butte to refresh your lungs with clean, crisp mountain air. 

Great Events 

August offers a full slate of events for the whole family. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the “BEST bike demo event in the Universe” or snag tickets to the Crested Butte Arts Festival. Here are a few of our favorite events in August! 

  • Sundays | Downtown Crested Butte Farmers Markets 
  • August 3 - 5 | Crested Butte Arts Festival
  • August 17 - 19 | Outerbike 
  • August 26 | Full Moon Party at Ten Peaks 
  • Wednesday Nights | Live! From Mt. CB FREE Concert Series  

You can find details plus more events at 

“Monsoon Season” Has Come to an End 

Commonly referred to as “Monsoon Season,” Crested Butte typically experiences rainy afternoons throughout the month of July. Like clockwork thunder and lightning storms will roll through the Valley every evening between 2 - 5 pm, effectively putting a pause to any outdoor activity. While there is still the chance of evening showers in August, the likelihood of getting rained out is lower. 

More Trails to Yourself 

The height of Crested Butte’s summer season typically maxes out in July. August means more kiddos go back to school and fewer people on the trails. If you make the trip in August, it’s common you’ll find entire hiking, biking and walking trails to yourself. 

A Quiet(er) Mountain Town

Not only are there fewer people out enjoying the trails, but town also relaxes and returns to its sleepy demeanor. There will likely be a shorter wait (if any) for your favorite restaurant or cocktail bar. Grab a cup of coffee and relax in the early morning sun on one of the many sidewalk benches downtown. Enjoy this unique experience on Elk Avenue as you will likely be one of the only early birds out and about. 

Obviously, we believe Crested Butte is always incredible, but we hope this list inspires you to plan your next trip to Crested Butte in August!