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Passion Within - George Sibley

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Passion Within - George Sibley

Crested Butte Passion Within - George Sibley

“I feel sometimes like I’m just a secretary for the valley, taking notes and turning it into letters from the mountains.” – George Sibley

George Sibley, a name reminiscent of a small mining town, eked out of snow and rock and wildflowers at the end of the road.  A town, which upon George’s arrival in 1966, hadn’t yet decided if it would continue being a mining town, or evolve into a resort town.  It was a community whose mixed pot included a dash of hippies, a few ski bums, a lot of miners and perhaps some ranchers too, but at their core, they all had one thing in common:  a place that haunted and ensnared their lives, much like the hook of Mt. Crested Butte wrangles in the storm clouds.  

People came to the valley and they either scared off after a season or two, or decided while gazing from one vista or another that this—this must be the place.  And truth be told, not much has changed.  Neither in the way people come to love this place, or leave it behind, nor in the kind of people a place like this attracts.  The folks that call the valley home have a deep sense of community, prefer mountains to skyscrapers and have a little something that makes the edges of society, and the end of the road, feel like home.

So the story goes for George as well, who stumbled upon the little mining/resort town in 1966, got a job at the mountain as a ski patroller, and never left.  It was here that he found Dragons in Paradise, a deep sense of self and a craggy peak or two, which beckoned his words, his art and his skis.

He is a writer that felt so compelled by the valley that back in the early days, he took up playing secretary of its daily happenings as the owner and primary journalist of the Crested Butte Chronicle.  

He is an artist and the peaks, valleys and story-book panoramas of this place are his muse.  The paintings of which are still hanging, playing tribute to our history.

Above all else he is a man not unlike many others, one who stood at a bend on a backcountry road while the warmth of that Colorado sun shone down, and raised his gaze to an immaculate valley, and thought to himself: “this is going to be where I spend the rest of my life.”

Foreward by Cayla Vidmar, Passion Within video by Chris Segal.

passion within: George Sibley from Crested Butte on Vimeo.