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Griggs Orthopedics Loves to gO Uphill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

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Griggs Orthopedics Loves to gO Uphill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Crested Butte Griggs Orthopedics Loves to gO Uphill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Heavy snow, gusting winds and zero visibility didn’t stop the 15 plus racers clad in both spandex one-pieces and regular old ski gear, who came out for the first Town Series Ski Mountaineering Race hosted by Griggs Orthopedics (gO) this past Wednesday evening at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Tired ski patrollers, (who had been in their ski boots since 6:00 am that morning) and cold event staff, were spread across the 2.5 lap race course, making sure racers would be safe during the chilling, blizzard conditions. 

The course started at the base of Red Lady Lift, following the steep run up Warming House Hill, taking a slight left onto Houston.  Once on Houston, racers quickly made their way up Houston, veered right to Mineral Point and ended up at the first transition point at the top of the Red Lady Lift, where skins were ripped.  After cruising down Smith Hill to the transition point on Tulsa, skins were swiftly put back on the skis, and racers made their way to the final transition point at the top of the lift. Although visibility was minimal, glow sticks and humans lined the course enough to assure no racers would not get lost. It only took a mere 27 minutes for the first racer to cross the finish line, with the 2nd racer less than 10 seconds behind. With all racers finishing in less than 45 minutes, in the brutal conditions that existed, it’s safe to say, we have some tough cookies in this valley!  I guess a free race that greets you with free beer and chili at the finish line isn’t a bad way to end a Wednesday!

Don’t let these conditions keep you from making your way to Crested Butte Mountain Resort for the next three Wednesdays in January, for fun, town series races that includes camaraderie, after-hours night skiing, a killer workout, and is all capped off with free beer & food and some awesome prizes!  The Griggs Orthopedics Races take place at 5:00 pm every Wednesday, with registration taking place from 4:00-5:00 pm in the Treasury Building.  With the course changing weekly, you never know where you’re headed until registration where you get the course update!

Are you thinking about towing the line for these races, yet you’ve never gone uphill before? Or you want to beat those guys who think they are so fast because they wear spandex? The team at gO wants to help you achieve whatever goal you may have and one way we want to help is with the Third Annual Grand Traverse Academy, January 20-22, 2017.  Whether you’re a never-ever or an advanced ski mountaineer who just wants to fine tune your transitions, this camp is suited for every level skier and we’re here to help you get your uphill skiing where you want it to be. 

Hey, you don’t have to love spandex to be a good uphill skier, just a love for the sport. (However if you want to rock the spandex, we have plenty available!)