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Featured Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Featured Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking

Crested Butte Featured Activity: Downhill Mountain Biking

With the lifts still turning and more fun to be had, I along with Evolution Bike Park instructor Josh Turek, hit the trails of the Evolution Bike Park.  Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Evolution Bike Park has just what you are looking for as our team of experienced trail professionals have carved some of the country’s most awesome bike trails for all ability levels.

If you have never downhill mountain biked before, like myself, it is highly recommended to go out with an Evolution Bike Park instructor to help you to advance quicker and understand the technicalities of mountain biking.  Don’t have a mountain bike or equipment?  No worries, Crested Butte Rental and Demo Center (located in the CBMR base are steps from the lifts) has exactly what you are looking for:  Full suspension Specialized bikes, full body armor, gloves and helmets.

After gearing up at the demo shop, Josh and I made our way up the Red Lady Express lift.  Josh gave me a quick, yet through tutorial of what we were in for during our mountain biking session.  We set goals and briefly talked about my familiarity with the sport of mountain biking and my biking experience.  I had never downhill mountain biked before, but had my eyes set on riding an intermediate trail by the end of the day.

Once we hopped on our bike, Josh and I made our way over to the new green trail, “Hotdogger.” Hotdogger is the ideal trail for the beginner rider with its wide trail and easy turns that are crucial in helping you to get comfortable with the feel of mountain biking.  After a few more runs I felt more confident in my riding ability and was ready to tackle an intermediate trail.  We decided to ride down the trail “Luge” and was it awesome!  It was more challenging, but with the help of the instructors at the Evolution Bike Park I felt a lot more confident and comfortable.  It was a great day, and thanks to the instructors, I was able to accomplish my goal.  So get out there and have fun on one of the most exciting and inspiring bike parks in the country!