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Featured Activity: Disc Golf

Butte Buzz Winter

Featured Activity: Disc Golf

Crested Butte Featured Activity: Disc Golf

Get your discs and smiles ready as we make our way through the woods and have fun on the Crested Butte Mountain Resort disc golf course atop the Red Lady Express lift. If you do not have discs, no worries, head over to pick some up at the Crested Butte Rental & Demo Center, located in the Treasury Building in the base area.

As your ride up the Red Lady Lift, be amazed at the beautiful scenery just before your eyes as you listen to the sounds of the wind breezing through the aspen trees. Once atop the Red Lady Express Lift, continue straight before seeing the disc golf signage just in front of you. From here, you have the option of playing on the long course or short course. We decided to play on the short course because of timing. Disc golf is the ideal activity if you only have a couple hours to play, and easy enough for the whole family to join in on. 

The short course is a beautiful hike that has amazing views of Mt. Crested Butte. The course loops back to the Red Lady Lift once you have completed your round. Large pine trees surround you and will challenge your skills of throwing your discs in the perfect spot. Have fun, take it easy and enjoy this beautiful activity and hike just off the Red Lady Express Lift.