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End of Season Thoughts from Mary Boddington

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

End of Season Thoughts from Mary Boddington

Crested Butte End of Season Thoughts from Mary Boddington

As the season is wrapping up I'm realizing that I’m one of the small few that wish it would keep snowing and the lifts keep turning. I have to be careful who I say this around, because most are ready for flip flops and sunshine!

To me, riding the resort is a sense of freedom: Happiness and easy living. I go into the backcountry a fair amount too, and love that. The resort is different for obvious reasons. The resort offers ease. I can go up by myself and either find random friends to ride with, or I can ride solo all day and be perfectly content.  These times are priceless to me.

Being in the woods is my happy place. Summer and Winter. Winter is trickier to play it safe.  This is why I love the resort so much. I can hike out to Third Bowl solo and not see anyone.  Safely explore and find that freedom without having to carry backcountry essentials or have partners. Or, I roll up to the Silver Queen and see a few friends and start the day without planning.  It’s a luxury most never get to experience.

I’m truly thankful to be able to ride Crested Butte and will miss her till next winter. Thanks for all the fun times! 

About the Author: Mary Boddington is a CBMR Mountain Athlete