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Donation Day 2016 Information

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

Donation Day 2016 Information

Crested Butte Donation Day 2016 Information

To the Gunnison Valley Community,

With winter rapidly approaching (yes, snowmaking starts in 11 days, weather permitting) Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) wanted to take the opportunity to update you all regarding our longstanding partnership with the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation (CBSF) and our inauguration of Donation Day. You may have read about this in earlier articles in our local papers over the summer, but we wanted to ensure good communication on this impactful community event. We hope, by providing more information, we will have an exceptional fundraiser for CBSF, which as their mission states, they provide financial support for the youth in Crested Butte and Gunnison in their pursuit of sportsmanship, passion, excellence and discipline through snow sport experiences.

You may be asking – What is Donation Day? Donation Day will take place on Wednesday, November 23rd. Lift tickets will be $15 for everyone ages 7 and over and all ticket revenue will be donated to CBSF. Children ages 6 and under will be able to ski for free on this day, but everyone else, including season pass holders, will be asked to pay $15, as a donation to the Foundation, if they want to ski or ride. The resort’s official Opening Day will take place on Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving).

This change does mean that we have discontinued “Ski Free on Opening Day”. Ski Free has been part of CBMR’s marketing efforts on and off over the years. In its various forms, the promotion offered a way to introduce the resort to people who had never visited, or who had not experienced Crested Butte and CBMR in some time. As a resort, we took a long, hard look at offering free skiing for a day. We agreed that the idea of a community give-back opportunity, instead of a free ski day, would be most beneficial for the Gunnison Valley community this coming season. Thanks to our success in introducing more people to the Crested Butte experience - both local residents and out-of-state visitors - we feel we have an incredible chance to give back to our community in a positive and significant way, by supporting our youth during Donation Day.

CBSF is a special organization in the fact that the money they raise goes directly back to local snow sports athletes and enthusiasts. Over the last 5 seasons, CBSF has given 165 scholarships totaling close to $150,000. The Foundation also funds local programming in Gunnison and Crested Butte to ensure every child that wants a chance to ski or ride, gets it. This Donation Day could singlehandedly change the face of CBSF, allowing them to grow their scholarship and programming funds, increasing their giving over the next several years. You as a community have the opportunity to make this change happen!

There may be some talk around the community that we are requiring pass holders to purchase a $15 lift ticket and that we have “taken away from their pass”. But in truth, we have added value, by extending the ski season an extra week with a closing date of April 9th, so instead of 131 days of operations like last season, we will be open for 137 days for the 2016-2017 season. These additional days are really exciting for us to continue to remain open as it is a time when we have more terrain open, the days are longer and the skiing and riding is that much more enjoyable on the mountain.

Together, CBSF and CBMR wanted to make sure you are all aware of these exciting changes. We have been communicating this in various channels since our March pass sale, but we wanted to ensure the details are known and truly emphasize why we are doing it. Our intentions are to rally our community around an organization that helps to get more kids on the mountain and on the trails in our community. How awesome is that?

I think we can all share a little pride in Donation Day. From the resort, we are extremely excited to run the lifts in order to raise money for our kids and spread the mission of the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation throughout the community and beyond with our guests.

CBMR realizes that we are a major local partner in this valley and we take that responsibility very seriously. Many of the decisions we make go back to our values to ensure a healthy resort and vibrant community. Our main criteria when giving to charitable organizations is whether or not it supports our local communities where we live, work and play. After all, Gunnison, Almont, Crested Butte, and Mt. Crested Butte and the people who live here are what make our resort community the special, unique and authentic place that it is and we want to always celebrate that.

Cheers to an awesome Donation Day and Opening Day for the 2016-2017 season. Let it snow!

Erica Mueller, Crested Butte Mountain Resort
Kate King, Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation