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Crested Butte, A Mountain For All Skiers by CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

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Crested Butte, A Mountain For All Skiers by CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

Crested Butte Crested Butte, A Mountain For All Skiers by CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

Crested Butte Mountain Resort is a mountain for skiers, snowboarders, and lovers of sliding on snow. It’s not just for extreme skiers, not just for beginner skiers, but for all skiers and riders; especially for those who want to learn and progress or a variety of terrain choices.

The mountain is a large hunk of granite sitting on top of a bed of shale. The granite was glacially carved into stunningly steep bowls and jagged ridges giving the mountain its iconic look as well as a plethora of varying terrain. Intermediate terrain extends up into the middle of numerous bowls, while higher up and on the sides of the bowls exists gnarly extreme terrain. The shale was glacially scoured into mellow undulating slopes providing a vast amount of beginner and intermediate terrain.

Like the intermediate terrain extending up into the bowls, extreme terrain finds its way to the lower parts of the mountain in the form small isolated zones of cliffs and steeps left behind by stubborn rocks that wouldn’t erode like the shale surrounding them. This means that beginners get to check out more difficult terrain as they learn to ski, knowing that one day they might be able to conquer that terrain. This also means that expert skiers can have fun on any part of the mountain.

Beyond offering up terrain choices for every level of skier, Crested Butte has a ton of different styles of terrain. They have classic New England style trails like Sylvanite and Double Top, bump runs like Resurrection and Twister, high alpine skiing like the Peak and the Peel, open bowl skiing like Headwall and Hawk’s Nest, chutes like Banana and Phoenix Chutes, tree skiing like Spellbound Trees and Figure 11, groomers like Treasury and International, cliff zones like Highlife and The Edge, and more.

If you are a skier or snowboarder who wants to learn and improve their riding abilities, Crested Butte is for you. Unlike any other mountain, Crested Butte will turn you into the skier or rider you want to be by providing every level of difficulty thinkable on an endless amount of varying terrain. It is the mountain to come back to because of the chance to progress and conquer new terrain. Crested Butte will make you a better skier or rider and you’ll have a blast doing so.