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You’re a Snow Reporter, so What Does That Mean?

A lot rides on our Snow Reporter’s ability to get to the mountain two hours before sunrise. Let me explain…

On days I snow report, the alarm is set for 4:02 am. The buzzer barely goes off, and I’m up and rushing. This is the one job I absolutely can not be late for. The mountain relies on me, the community relies on me and everyone who loves Crested Butte relies on me to get there right at 5 am. In order to get the good word out the report must be filed and published to the website by 5:30 am. I know what you’re thinking, “Can’t you just look at the PowCam to see how much snow we’ve...

This Week in the Butte

Welcome to another week in paradise. With 1,547 acres of open terrain there’s plenty of options to ski, ride or snow bike! We are currently 173% of our average base depth. Plus, we have great events coming up this week! 

Prater Cup | February 23 – 26

Crested Butte’s marquee annual youth ski race will bring 250 of Colorado’s top 12 and 13 year old alpine ski racers to Crested Butte. The Prater Cup is always a blast for competitors, their families and fans alike. Look for some high speed skiing and tons of fun...

Home by CBMR Athlete Francesca Pavillard-Cain

Regardless of where I travel, ski, or live, Crested Butte is always home. This rings true for everyone in my family. This past week my father, Jean Pavillard, joined me in Crested Butte to enjoy the epic snow. It really got me thinking. My father has traveled and lived in countless countries and towns, but Crested Butte is still home. It is the place that when he comes back, it feels like no time has passed.

I always assumed that my sincere love and comfort in Crested Butte was because I grew up here, but learning that my father feels the same way shows that anyone can make Crested...

This Week in the Butte

Sunshine returns after a storm cycle that deposited almost three FEET of snow. Temperatures were warm but the skiing and riding was super fun! Soak up the sun (and the sunscreen) while you enjoy the great events going on in the Butte this week. Plus, love is in the air! Celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing a chair at Crested Butte Mountain Resort! 

Valentine’s Day at WoodStone | February 14

Take your someone special on a Valentine's date that's sure to delight! Enjoy a special Valentine's...

Crested Butte, A Mountain For All Skiers by CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

Crested Butte Mountain Resort is a mountain for skiers, snowboarders, and lovers of sliding on snow. It’s not just for extreme skiers, not just for beginner skiers, but for all skiers and riders; especially for those who want to learn and progress or a variety of terrain choices.

The mountain is a large hunk of granite sitting on top of a bed of shale. The granite was glacially carved into stunningly steep bowls and jagged ridges giving the mountain its iconic look as well as a plethora of varying terrain. Intermediate terrain extends up into the middle of numerous bowls, while...

This Week in the Butte

February is competition season which means there are incredible athletes joining us for a multitude of competitive events. Be sure to get inspired and watch as athletes take on the extremes as well as the park. Crested Butte makes for the perfect venue for athletes and spectators alike! 

Freeride World Qualifiers | February 10 – 12 

Crested Butte Mountain Resort and the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association will host a 4 Star Qualifying event in...

The Last Run by Rhett Griggs, M.D.

One of the most common sayings said in the ski area clinic is, "it was my last run". Their ski season is usually over or delayed at the best and the injury list that produces this frank statement is extensive. 2017 is pleasantly exceeding our predictions and expectations for locals and visitors alike. The energy is high and as the snow keeps falling, the desire to be at CBMR shredding is prominent. Keeping in mind a few tips can help keep the ski area clinic and a trip to Griggs Orthopedics (gO) at bay.

Being prepared for the season, or ski vacation is extremely important. Physical...

This Week in the Butte

It’s starting to feel a bit like the classic movie “Groundhog Day” around here. Fitting since the beloved holiday is this Thursday! Every day Crested Buttians eat, sleep, ski and repeat. Break up your day and start February off right with these great events! 

IFSA Junior Regional Freeskiing Competition | February 4 -5 

The International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association was established in 1996 by freeskiing pioneer Shane McConkey. The Junior Big Mountain Freeskiing and...

Crested Butte Banked Slalom with CBMR Athlete Rob Vandervoort

In Celebration of World Snowboard Day, Crested Butte Mountain Resort held its first ever Banked Slalom on Sunday, January 22, 2017. A banked slalom is a classic snowboarding race that features ‘banked’ turns around gates. It is a pure snowboarding event.

The course started at the top of the Cascade Terrain Park, off the Gold Link and Painter Boy lifts, and covered nearly 500 vertical feet in just over 30 turns. It had a section in the middle, dubbed “the Squeeze” by local legend Gareth Van Dyke, where the banks were exceedingly close and fast. There was another section about 2/3’s...

This Week in the Butte

Crested Buttians love the outdoors and multisport days! This week offers the best of our favorite activities; skiing, snowboarding, uphill skinning, fat biking, dancing, arm wrestling and partying in GORE-TEX. Bring your friends to the Butte this week and enjoy great snow and great events!

gO SkiMo Race Series | January 25

gO Ski Mountaineering races are free and feature a new course each week with free food, raffle prizes and free beer after each race thanks to Griggs Orthopedics. Race...

Just Go Skiing with CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

I am a skier. I do not have memories of learning how to ski. Like walking, I learned to ski before I could hold onto memories, and just like walking, skiing is just a basic part of life. If there is snow, you go skiing, and that will put a smile on your face. At times in my life I forgot that skiing is just like walking: just a part of life. I would try to make it something else, I’m not sure what, but I would overthink, over-train, and over-ski. This would lead to frustration and disappointment. Not that I don’t take skiing seriously anymore, but at times I would elevate skiing to such a...

This Week in the Butte

After snowmageddon I’m sure we could all use a break from shoveling and then more shoveling. Lucky for you Crested Butte Mountain Resort has great events in store for you this week. Including our first CB Unplugged Concert featuring Kyle Park! Get your fill of great music and friendly competition in before the snow returns. 

gO SkiMo Race Series | January 18

Presented by Griggs Orthopedics, these mountaineering races are free and feature a new course each week with free food, raffle prizes and free beer...

Snowmageddon with CBMR Athlete Rob Dickinson

Whoever started the hashtag #burythebutte surely had no idea how prophetic it would become.

The Butte hath been buried. 

Work.  Ski.  Shovel.  Sleep.  Repeat.  This is my life lately, and I am tired and sore and happy beyond words. 

I have lived in snow country of some sort my whole life, and nearly every vacation I have been on of my own doing has been to some other snowy locale.  At 13 I slept out in a tent in my parents’ backyard in the Blizzard of ’93 in the Northeast; I’ve been in Haines, Alaska in all-time pow; I’ve had my Heli grounded by snow in Golden, BC, and...


Yesterday will go down in resort history as the day we officially buried the Butte. Some reports say Crested Butte received an inch an hour, other reports claim 3 inches an hour. We just know it snowed A LOT. We want to thank you for your positive support and enthusiasm! Our Ski Patrol and Mountain Ops teams are dedicated to opening as much terrain as possible as quickly as possible. However, expect delayed openings across the mountain. Be sure to check the lift status page for up to date information and stay safe out there!


Griggs Orthopedics Loves to gO Uphill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Heavy snow, gusting winds and zero visibility didn’t stop the 15 plus racers clad in both spandex one-pieces and regular old ski gear, who came out for the first Town Series Ski Mountaineering Race hosted by Griggs Orthopedics (gO) this past Wednesday evening at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Tired ski patrollers, (who had been in their ski boots since 6:00 am that morning) and cold event staff, were spread across the 2.5 lap race course, making sure racers would be safe during the chilling, blizzard conditions. 

The course started at the base of Red Lady Lift, following the steep...

It Just Keeps Getting Deeper

This week’s storm has us absolutely tickled with childlike joy. The skiing and riding has been all time here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort and it’s still dumping. This morning we saw 3 inches on the Gore-TEX PowCam at 5 am, and as of 9 am there are 8 inches.

Plus, it’s still dumping! Expect fresh track all morning long because this storm is supposed to ramp up again beginning at noon today. 
If you can’t join us today, we’ve added some our favorite eye candy from this storm to the gallery below.

Now let’s go ski! 

This Week at the Butte

This Week at the Butte

Wow! What an awesome week it has been! Mother Nature has decided to give us on of the best Decembers in recent memory by delivering 10 Feet of snow by the New Year! With this storm track that keeps on refilling our slopes, we could see up to 30 inches of new snow by Friday. In addition to all this wonderful white stuff, we have a few happenings to keep on your radar.

gO Skimo Mountaineering Series – January 4 at 5 pm

Test your metal in the first of our gO Skimo Ski...

Crested Butte Extremes

As we start to close out the year, we start to open the remaining of our extreme terrain here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. For the first time in several years, we have been able to have  the High Lift – including Headwall, Big Chute, Paradise Cliffs and Teocalli Bowl –  all open before January! The extremes at Crested Butte are known for their steep and exposed terrain. Athletes from all over the country test their metal with high flying cliff drops and larger than life straight lines. We have been very blessed with a strong early season this year. In December alone, we have gotten 7...

This Week at the Butte

It’s time to get geared up for the New Year! This week at the Butte, we have lots of events to get you stoked for the rest of the season, as well as some to help mitigate that New Year’s hangover and help you forget those resolutions that you’re not going to keep.

Warren Miller Presents: Here, There & Everywhere – December 30

This Friday, gear up for the season with Warren Miller’s newest flick, Here, There & Everywhere. The film will have two showings at...

Doing Crested Butte the Right Way for the Holidays

During the holidays, things can get a little crazy here in Crested Butte. That is why we wanted to offer a few tips for navigating the mountain and downtown during the busy holiday season.

Eat early. Eat late. Ski high noon.

Avoid the lunch time rush by planning to eat lunch before 11:30 am or after 2 pm. This way you will maximize your ski time by not only skiing while most people are off the hill, but also by shortening the time spent standing in line to get your lunch!

Ride Red Lady on a powder day.

Early powder mornings on...

5 FEET in December

5 FEET of Snow in December

Last weekend’s storm over December 15, 2016 dumped 29 inches starting Thursday night and continuing through Saturday. Powder hounds rejoiced as fluffy turns brought smiles to their face. According to OpenSnow we are in store for more snow through this holiday weekend and into the New Year. Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution should be skiing or riding Crested Butte this season!

Check out the gallery below for some of our favorite powder pics from this weekend! 

Crested Butte Holiday Gift Ideas

This holiday season, what better gift than the story of a place? Check out these great gift ideas with the charm that only Crested Butte can offer. Throughout all of our mountain base area retailers, unique variety stays ever-present.

Check out the deals and steals awaiting you at Thin Air Sports. Buy two beanies from their vast selection, and get them both 25% off, or buy a ski jacket and get 25% off the matching pants. Thin Air Sports is also proud to state that they are the only retailer in the valley who is allowed to carry the ultra-durable, more technical European brand Eider...

This Week in the Butte!

This week in the Butte we are talking snow, ice and ski history! 

Western Winter Speaker Series| Dr. David J. Rothman at Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum
Thursday, December 15

Join us at the Crested Butte Heritage Museum for the Western Winter Speaker Series where Dr. David J. Rothman will speak on the early days of skiing at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Dr. Rothman is a former NCAA Div. I alpine ski racer who writes regularly about skiing and mountain towns. This is a private event, however if you are interested in attending it is $10 and you...

I’m Ready to Go Uphill

It’s early season, the snow is covering my favorite running trails enough to keep me from running on them, but not enough to fully cover the potential ski destroying rocks hidden beneath the first layer of snow in the backcountry. The thought of an indoor gym makes me start to twitch; but for a person like me, who needs to get their daily dose of endorphins, it is essential to get out and do something. Where can we do that in a resort town, like Crested Butte? 

It’s Monday morning and the 5:02 am iPhone alarm goes off. Unexcitedly, I get out of bed and half-asleep continue my usual...

This Week at the Butte

Tis’ the season for fun & games! This week at Crested Butte Mountain Resort we will be hosting holiday season events proceeded by Get the Girls Out. Hope to see you all on Saturday, December 10 for this jam packed day of fun.

Get the Girls Out | 10 am- 2 pm

Join some fabulous female CBMR Ski School Instructors and SheJumps for Get the Girls Out Women’s Ski Day, Saturday December 10, 2016. This all-female group will meet at 10 am at Coal Breaker Coffee to get booted up and break into groups. Meet back at Butte 66 at 1 pm, where each participant will be...