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Adventure Park Family Fun!

Wildflowers in Crested Butte
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Adventure Park Family Fun!

Crested Butte Adventure Park Family Fun!

Conveniently within the base area of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, the Adventure Park offers multigenerational fun and a range of exhilarating activities for the whole family. With safety in mind, the Adventure Park allows toddlers to adults (who are still children at heart) to push their comfort zones and try new things. An All Day Adventure Park Ticket includes unlimited chairlift access on the Red Lady Express and Silver Queen Express plus, the following activities:

Flying Gopher Mini Golf

Under the covered structure, the 18-hole mini golf course is a perfect break in the shade or an escape from the rain. Encourage some friendly competition between family members!

Rock Climbing Pinnacle

Introduce the kids to rock climbing or perfect their technique at the Rock Climbing Pinnacle. With three courses, easy, intermediate and difficult, even the younger children can make it up to the top.

Tin Cup Mining Co.

While you won’t find emeralds or sea shells in the mountain streams around Crested Butte, the mining sluice is an awesome way to teach children the history of mining and the geology of the area. Plus, they can take home one bag of the rocks and minerals that they discover as souvenirs!

Coke Zero Gravity BagJump

One of the most adrenaline pumping activities is to jump from the 24 foot platform onto a 50 foot by 50 foot inflated air bag. For an even bigger rush, if you or your child weighs more than 70 pounds, jump from the 32 foot platform! Be sure to land on your bottom or back!

Bungee Jumping Trampolines

Practice flips while harnessed into the bungee trampolines and jump as high as you can! Be sure to take in the amazing view of the peak and base area. Since it is one of the most popular Adventure Park activities, get there early!

As a rule of thumb, whenever the Red Lady Express is running the Adventure Park is open. The BagJump, Climbing Pinnacle and Bungee Trampolines close when there is lightening spotted in the area as well as the Red Lady Express and the Silver Queen Express. All of these activities can be purchased a la carte or with the All Day Adventure Park Ticket at the Adventure Center in Mountaineer Square or the Evolution Bike Shop. Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents are encouraged to play like kids at the Adventure Park!