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Crested Butte Your Pre-Archery Season Practice Schedule

Your Pre-Archery Season Practice Schedule

Archers, take aim: the Twilight Archery Series (free) and Rinehart 100 West Elk Classic is back!  With archery season coming up, this is your opportunity to get ready before heading out for the real thing.

On Friday nights from July 22-August 5, you can hone in your skills during our free archery series.  Participants pick up score card at Jefe's between 4:30 and 5:15 then shuttle up on the Red Lady Lift, and enjoy a sight range and 10 3D targets at the top of the Teocalli Lift.  Then, head back down to Jefe's for the...

Crested Butte 3 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Vacation in Crested Butte

3 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Vacation in Crested Butte

Summer time in Crested Butte is short and sweet—just like your vacation (but hopefully more sweet, than short!). Which means you’ll want to maximize your time while you’re here. So I’ve complied a short list below detailing how to get the most out of your summer vacation in Crested Butte!

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re mountain biking, hiking, SUPing, or just here to enjoy the charm of downtown Crested Butte, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting into before you arrive. If you’re looking to rent mountain bikes for your stay, check out our...

Crested Butte Gumption & Pride: Cattlemen’s Days and Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Gumption & Pride: Cattlemen’s Days and Tough Enough to Wear Pink

If the rolling fields, and the happy cows that meander through them aren’t enough to call the Gunnison valley a ranching community, perhaps it’s the traffic jams with dusty cowboys pushing those same cows down the highway to greener pasture, that will do the trick.

Perhaps it’s the fact that back in the 1800’s ranchers would take a break between spring calving, and summer haying, and test their skills on Main Street.

Whatever it is that makes the Gunnison Valley a true ranching community, we have it in spades.  And in 1900 we made it official, with the inception of Cattleman’...

Crested Butte Wildflowers: Not Just Landscape Decoration

Wildflowers: Not Just Landscape Decoration

The saying might be, “April showers bring May flowers,” but in Crested Butte, the June monsoon, brings July wildflowers just in time for the Wildflower Festival (catchy rhyme pending).  The official festival spans two weeks, July 11-23, but events start in June and go through September.

Like many festivals in the valley, the Wildflower Festival was a group effort of many locals who saw the beauty of the valley and knew others might want to experience it too—and in an attempt to boost summer tourism, the...

Crested Butte Do You Know Your ‘Mountain Manners?’

Do You Know Your ‘Mountain Manners?’

July 4th is coming up this weekend, and it means one thing:  we’re in full on summer mode in Crested Butte!  Which is to say, visitors and locals alike are enjoying the abundant sunshine, the sweeping views, and the myriad of sports and activities that can be enjoyed in our little corner of the Rocky Mountains.  

But with great fun, and incredible natural beauty, also comes great responsibility.  As more folks are realizing what an incredible place Crested Butte is, we have to make sure we're all preserving the natural habitat that surrounds us, and following a few easy rules....

Crested Butte Featured Hike #10: Judd Falls

Featured Hike #10: Judd Falls

Enjoy a relaxing hike to Judd Falls that the whole family can embark on. As you walk along the trail, you will get an up close and personal view of Gothic Mountain on your right with the lush green Mt. Crested Butte appearing in the distance. You’ll be awe inspired and left speechless as you soak in these euphoric views. Are you feeling inspired to camp? If so, there are multiple designated camping sites along the road that leads up to the Judd Falls trailhead. How fun right? Not only can you enjoy an epic hike on this easy trail, but you can also catch amazing sunsets and sunrises as...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #9: Guided Hikes on the Mountain

Featured Hike #9: Guided Hikes on the Mountain

Everyone loves to explore, but sometimes it is even more fun to explore with an expert. At Crested Butte Mountain Resort you can hike the mountain on your own or with a guide. Either way is a good time, but it is really cool to learn the history of the land and learn about all the wildflowers; I mean we are the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. Instead of spending your time in the books, learn something new from our guides! Worried about your ability level? That is no problem because we have hikes for beginners to expert hikers.

There are Adventure Hikes, Summit Hikes and Wildflower...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #8: West Maroon Trail

Featured Hike #8: West Maroon Trail

Wildflowers, marmots and porcupines were seen on the beautiful West Maroon Trail connecting Crested Butte to Aspen. This beautiful hike, though rather strenuous, is one of the most amazing hikes one can embark on in the Gunnison Valley. As you begin your hike you will be surrounded by a blanket of wildflowers that stand tall making you feel like you are in a fantasy world. Red, blue, white and yellow wildflowers will surround you as their aroma captivates you.

Drive (or call Dolly’s Mountain Shuttle at 970-349-2620 and they will give you a ride) to the West Maroon trailhead...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #7: Woods Walk

Featured Hike #7: Woods Walk

Let’s take an easy stroll down Woods Walk trail. Located up Kebler Pass, Wood’s Walk trail offers amazing views of town and Mt. Crested Butte. After you finish the hike, make sure you stop by the red bench just above the trail. The view of town and Mt. Crested Butte is breath taking, so make sure you bring your camera. Woods Walk trail is a quick hike the entire family can take part in. It’s short, easy and fun, so get out there.

Make your way into town before heading west on Whiterock Avenue. From there, continue on until Whiterock Ave becomes Kebler Pass. Drive a quarter of...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #6: Hike The Peak

Featured Hike #6: Hike The Peak

Are you ready to embark on a hike that will give you some of the most amazing views of the Gunnison Valley and that the whole family can take part in? If so, hiking the peak of Mt. Crested Butte is the ideal hike. Once atop, you will see for miles on end with a birds eye view of Axtel, Whetstone, Red Lady, and Carbon Mountain along with others. Snap photos and sign your name at the box atop Mt. Crested Butte and feel the rush of conquering this epic hike. During lunch, our team at CBMR did the hike in about 2 hours. It was fun, entertaining and awe inspiring as we continued our ascent...

Crested Butte Featured Hike #5: Oh Be Joyful Trail

Featured Hike #5: Oh Be Joyful Trail

Put on your hiking boots and experience the joy of hiking the enchanting wilderness that is the Oh Be Joyful trail. As you begin the hike, make sure to check out one of the many Slate River overlooks and watch kayakers drop 8, 10, and even 25 foot drop waterfalls. You may be shaking your head in amazement as they take off! Also, don’t forget to bring your camper or tent as Oh Be Joyful offers a beautiful campground bordering the Slate River.

Tighten up your laces and stretch out your legs as you prepare for an awesome hike! Depending on the water level of the Slate River at the...