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5 Tips for an Amazing Art Festival Experience

Wildflowers in Crested Butte

5 Tips for an Amazing Art Festival Experience

5 Tips for an Amazing Art Festival Experience

The 46th Annual Crested Butte Arts Festival is August 3 – 5, 2018.

In anticipation for one of our favorite summer events, here are 5 tips for an amazing festival experience:

Get ready

With a little planning, you can enrich your experience before stepping foot into the festival.

Look around your home – is there a corner you would like to enliven with a new painting or sculpture? Is there a certain amount of money you have budgeted? Take a moment and pause when an art piece catches your eye. This all helps when perusing the booths and making a purchase decision.

Make sure to check out the schedule of events and featured artists to catch during a live demonstration. Have a general understanding of the festival layout and (my personal favorite) plan all the mouth-watering culinary stops.

Engage with the artists

The wonderful thing about art is not only the beautiful creativity, but the creator behind it. Take your time and linger for a conversation with the artist or attend an art demonstration. Discover the inspiration, vision and story behind a gorgeous painting, unique sculpture or stunning jewelry. Even a few minutes will help provide a deeper connection to, and understanding of, the work.

Dive into Art Alley

The Crested Butte Art Festival is more than looking and appreciating art. Art Alley provides the opportunity for you and your family to tap into your inner artist and create a variety of imaginative keepsakes for free. All ages and artistic abilities are encouraged to participate!

Awaken all of your senses

The Crested Butte Art Festival is not only a feast for your eyes, but is designed to indulge all of your senses. With a wide range of entertainment including performing art, music, cuisine, children’s activities and more – your senses will come to life all weekend.  

Be open to the unexpected

Love at first sight. This not only exists with humans, pets, and homes, but it can happen with art as well. Occasionally, there is the “in no way is this practical or planned, but I must have this in my life” feeling when looking at the art piece that makes your heart sing. This is the most undeniably special part of the art festival for both the guest and artist. The only advice is to be open to the unexpected.

An added bonus? The art festival proceeds provide year-round and sustainable arts outreach for the community of Gunnison Valley.

For more information and a full schedule of events visit Crested Butte Arts Festival.